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Thursday, July 17, 2003
I hate stupid people

I ship to the UNITED STATES ONLY and accept PAYPAL ONLY. If you do not live in the United States, or are not willing to use PayPal, do not bid.

Actual size and color.

Subject: Question for seller — Item #3336XXXXXX
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 13:52:45 PDT
I won the item, and do not have a credit card to use paypal, what is your address?

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Comment by Becca
2003-07-20 19:34:19

You don’t need a credit card for PayPal, that’s the point. All you need is a checking account. Go to PayPal’s site and sign up.

Comment by MV
2003-07-24 11:07:00

Good freaking lord.

That kind of thing makes me want to SCREAM!!!!


People don’t read. That’s the problem in a nutshell.

Comment by Rob
2004-06-06 19:50:58

its not stupid, paypal is VERY confising !

Comment by Rob
2004-06-06 19:51:20

its not stupid, paypal is VERY confusing !

Comment by Edward
2004-06-07 04:58:42

Our dear friend Rob here seems to be among the ranks of stupid people… Sweet Lord, it causes me an emotion that cannot be expressed in words, one is forced to look said offending moron in the face, and experience a complete and utter lack for words, finishing with a sigh and waltzing off to bash the apex against a wall, an ever so much more satisfying past-time.

Comment by Word
2004-10-28 09:18:49


Comment by john
2006-12-09 07:38:48

Let’s make June 10th Stupidity Day. It’s the birthday of PolleZZ. That’s a guy who got himself the reputation of a first class idiot throughout cyberspace. It happened mainly on one of the major game sites. He played there but was extremely bad at any game he tried. Still he stated his playing level as good or average (in stead of extremely poor, which would have been more accurate). He then drew attention to himself posting moronic remarks on the message boards, and got himself a few “fans” who liked the idea of spreading his reputation as the biggest a-hole around. On top of it, the guy seemed to do his very best to deserve his reputation. At some point they took the nickname webmaster, sent him a message stating that there was an update going on and that he had to reply giving his used id and password (it happend to be 1234512345 by the way), which he promptly did. They used this “secret” information for some time, spying on his games, making him lose everyone of them of course. At some point somebody told him, so he changed his password, but then chose the name of his favorite soccer team, while at the same time he was telling around what his favorite soccer team was. So actually he gave away his password a second time. Another player who seemed to know PolleZZ in real life confirmed that in fact he’s quite a stupid ass, as bad at sports as he is at playing games, an extreme case of PEBKAC, and that June 10th is his birthday. Also he seems to have a big behind (no kidding), and I reckon it has a tattoo all over it, saying “kick me”. Apparantly the guy has disappeared from cyperspace by now, but I believe his birthday should be PolleZZ Memorial Day, in honor of him and dedicated to plain stupidity!

Comment by sonny
2006-12-13 03:39:28

Sometimes guys like PolleZZ are considered nerds or geeks, but in fact he’s nothing like that. He’s just a moron.

Comment by herb
2006-12-13 12:28:49

I like the idea. Let’s go for it. All nerds kick PolleZZ’s huge stupid ass!

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