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Thursday, September 23, 2004
Free Ipod, II

Well, I still don’t have one. I’ve only gotten one person to actually sign up for an offer through my link. Lots of people signed up at the website, but only one offer completed.

The deal is legit, though, and =http://www.donbecker.orgDon[/url] has proof!

If you’d like to try it out (and help me out with it), my link is: [removed]

Update: I don’t need any more signups. Please use one of the following links.

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Comment by Laura
2004-09-23 18:16:42

None of the offers appealed to me. In fact, they all were pretty lame. Otherwise I would have gladly helped you get your iPod and tried to get myself one, too.

Comment by Don
2004-09-23 18:55:14

They did away with the Real Rhapsody deal? It was pretty sweet – 99 cents, and the service was pretty neat, too. (One month of being able to stream anything in their collection) Plus, you can cancel the service through the client without having to deal with a salesdrone telling you that you’re making a mistake and blah blah blah.

Comment by utech
2004-09-24 07:07:52

I have joined the cause. Filled out the required information and completed my portion. So if anyone wants to help me after you get yours… http://www.freeiPods.com/default.aspx?referer=9576828

Comment by Jonathan
2004-09-27 22:02:53

Wait, confused: So, if you signed up, did your referrals, and then completed one of the offers, isn’t that all you had to do to get yours? Or do you need your referrals to all sign up as well?

Comment by utech
2004-09-28 10:48:35

your need to have 5 referals sign up as well

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