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Tuesday, November 9, 2004
Meanwhile, in Ohio…

So, all the extra votes in Florida may be due to absentee ballots not being on those pages initially. It certainly is possible, though the pages had a nice big “Y” in both the Absentee and Final Report columns. They’ve since been updated with new numbers, but no other changes. (See here.)

In Ohio, though, absentee ballots cannot quite account for this. There weren’t just more votes than turnout… there were more votes than registered voters. In some cases, by huge margins. See here. All the data on that page comes directly from Cuyahoga county’s website. I’ve again made a copy, in case the original changes. Copy is here. Some of these number might be explainable by people voting in the wrong precinct. However, I don’t think 8296 extra votes in a precinct with 558 registered voters (Woodmere Village) can be shrugged off easily. Similarly, 8062 extra votes in a precinct with 760 registered voters (Highland Hills Village) can’t be an accident.

All in all, there were 97,489 extra votes in Cuyahoga county. That’s just one county in the state. I’ll see if I can find data on the rest of the state.

Update: Several things I’ve read on this say it might be absentee ballots here, too. Apparently, they might be counted in all the precincts in a ward (or all the wards in a precinct? or precincts in a municipality? I don’t know) until it’s sorted out where they all belong, or something like that. I don’t know what to believe. Several of the precincts have counts that have the exact same numbers of extra votes, though. link

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Comment by Boot to the Skull
2004-11-15 23:33:45

Clinton: Gay Marriage Cost Kerry Election
Ex-president Bill Clinton singled out the issue of gay marriage last night as the leading cause of John Kerry’s defeat in last Tuesday’s election….

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