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Thursday, April 28, 2005
Party Poker gave me Tendonitis

I’ve been seriously neglecting this place for quite a while now, and I don’t really know why. Serious lack of motivation, I guess. It’s certainly not that I have nothing to write about. Since my last post over three weeks ago, I’ve been to Vegas for a bachelor party, been to Tucson for Passover, and… uh, that’s it, I guess.

I haven’t bowled at all since the week I threw my 700 series. The “tightness” in my arm got worse when I bowled twice more that week, and I just had to stop. It wasn’t easy to get myself to, though, since I had just thrown a 720, and then three days later threw a 174-262-205 for a 641 series, through the pain. In the 262, I had ten of twelve shots for strikes. I knew I couldn’t keep bowling, though, if I ever wanted it to get better. The doctor said it’s tendonitis, and I should take 6 weeks off, and had me take prescription level Aleve for a while. That happens to coincide with the end of the regular season leagues, so I get to rest it for another month before the summer leagues start, which is probably for the best.

I don’t think bowling was the cause of my problems, however. I definitely made it worse by continuing to bowl when I knew there was a problem, but I think the root of it is, of course, online poker. Before I started playing online poker a ton, I didn’t really use the mouse on my computer all that much. Not enough to create any problems. While playing poker, I’m pretty much contantly using the mouse. For unrelated reasons, I hadn’t played much online poker for a while after I got hurt. My arm was getting better, which I attributed to just resting it and not bowling. Then last week, I played again for about a half hour, and it immediately started to hurt a little again. All this time, I had still been working and using computers, just not playing poker, with no problems. I don’t know if it’s something about the way I sit when I’m playing, or just that I use the mouse so much more, but poker was definitely the problem. I think it’s specifically Party Poker that does it, too, as I’ve just relatively recently started playing a lot at the Party skins. I’m going to blame it on the fact that I have to click buttons 8 times for the clicks to actually register, so I have to keep the mouse in one place when I do it. They need to fix this.

So, I got myself a Logitech Trackman to use instead of a mouse, and an IMAK Smart Glove, which seems to be helping. I’ve been playing online poker again for a few days now, clearing the latest Party bonus, and I don’t seem to be having any problems. I’ve got about 100 hands left for that, and made around 27BB/100 hands while doing it. I love $100NL 6max at Party.

Vegas was a ton of fun. One interesting thing that came out of it is that I think I now have a new signature card protector: A bottle of Aleve. I’ll probably fill it with Penguin Mints or something, and pop a few every time I lose a big pot. 🙂
That happened to me a lot that weekend, in the $2/$5 NL game at the Rio, but it was all entirely my fault. I just played terribly. The game itself was great, with lots of easy money to be made, myself included.

Last weekend in Tucson, I finally got out and did some more photography. I’ve set up a new gallery, but only have one picture there at the moment. More will be added as I find time to go through them and clean them up. I do love my 20D.

Hopefully, I’ll start actually posting here fairly often again. No guarantees.

Oh, I almost forgot (actually, I did forget, and I’m editing this post): Congrats to Bob on winning the blogger satellite to the $1500NLHE tourney at the WSOP. Everyone should go sign up for the next one this Sunday. Unfortunately, I again can’t make it because I’ll be in Pittsburgh at my brother’s graduation. Good luck to everyone who plays!

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Comment by Bradley Parsons
2006-01-22 12:15:13

I have tendonitis too. i have an imak smart glove and a ergobeads arm/wrist rest pad. the pad ain’t working for the mouse. Maybe for the typing. I have had therapy and they don’t seem to know how I should use the mouse. They give me exercises which relieves some pain. I am starting to give up.

Comment by Kristi Tedesco
2006-02-23 03:17:17

I’m a television reporter… doing a story on TEENAGERS who play poker. If you fit into this category… and live near Tucson, Arizona… please ask your parents if you can contact me.

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