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Monday, May 23, 2005
Damn Yankees


Stupid Yankees had to go and take two outta three from the Mets. Actually, the Mets really just gave the games away making so many errors. They really shoulda been able to take the last game. They’re still two games over .500 and only three games back in the NL East, but they’re just so bad. They need to learn to field and pitch. Their hitting (or, ability to score runs, anyway), despite low batting averages, seems just fine. They’ve scored the most runs in the division. Hell, the Yankees, even with their awful start, now have the same record (though they’re 4.5 games back in their division).

Last weekend, I went to NY for a friend’s wedding, and managed to get to a game against the Cards in between picking up my tux at 10am and the wedding at 8pm. It was a 1:10 start, and ended in plenty of time for me to get home and change. It was also a great game, though the result was disappointing, thanks to the Mets terrible bullpen. Anytime Pedro can give up 5 runs and leave with the lead, the team should fricken win. It should have been a great pitching matchup, but neither Pedro nor Mulder were sharp. Unfortunately, the Cards bullpen didn’t allow a run, while the Mets pen allowed two, for a final score of 7-6. It was my first game this season, and I think my first time back at Shea since I moved out to California. At least it was fun.


I bowled again this weekend, for the first time since I got hurt. I pretty much picked up right where I left off. Saturday morning, I threw a 619 series. Saturday evening, I shot really badly in a 9-pin no-tap tournament, and didn’t even break 600, but I wasn’t really trying. Honest. My third game of that tournament was my best, and I was using my spare ball for the whole thing. Yesterday, I bowled in the last week of my Sunday night league, with a new glove.

X   X   X   9/X   X   X   X   X   9/X
81X   X   9/X   9/X   X   X   X72
X   9/9/X   729/9/9-X   X9/
Series: 665   Average: 221.7

All I needed to do was throw a 218 the third game for another 700 series, and if the pins had cooperated, I would have. Every shot except for the split in the middle was right in the pocket. I left three 7 pins, two 10 pins, and a solid 8 (which I didn’t pick up). All of them solid in the pocket, but I just couldn’t get any carry. Still, I can’t complain about a 665 series, especially as my second series back from injury.

And no pain, stiffness, or other bad or strange feelings in my wrist. That’s a good sign.


I’ve been playing online poker a bit more again lately, and badly. I’m making bad plays and terrible calls, and I know it when I do it. I need to get out of my rut. Maybe the blogger trip to Vegas will help. It’s less than two weeks away. I finally booked my flight and room. I somehow managed to pull off a room at the Plaza, where lots of other bloggers are staying. Their website shows nothing available for Friday and Saturday night, but http://www.lasvegashotel.com/ let me book a room there. I’ll be splitting it with Joaquin, who was looking for someone to share a room with. That website still shows available rooms at the Plaza, so if there are any bloggers looking to stay there who don’t have their rooms yet, you should check it out.

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Comment by Pauly
2005-05-25 20:44:23

Nice playing with you tonight. Good choice in room mates… Joaquin is a good egg. And he loves to eat!!

Comment by New York Yankees
2008-08-24 13:22:34

Love those Yankees. What a tough season.

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