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Monday, October 31, 2005
I Understand

I now fully understand donkey poker, after spending the night at the casino Friday. I started out playing 2/5 NL ($200 buyin) and was doing just fine until my AK ran into AA. Oops. I rebought, and a little while later, the following hand happened:

5 handed, I raise to $20 UTG with 77. Everyone calls except the big blind, and there’s $85 in the pot. The flop comes out 3J3, and the small blind fires out $50. Pretty easy fold for me. Next guy raises all in for $100 more, next guy calls all in for $100 total, and the small blind calls. $485 in the pot. All three turn over AJo. The turn is a 7, the river is a blank. The big blind said he folded 83o. Talk about tilt.

A short while later, the table breaks, and instead of moving to another NL game I decided to play 3/6. Here’s where the donkey poker started. I wanted to just have fun, and played reckless loose-aggresive. I was straddling and blind raising, and raising with any two cards even when I did look. I was chasing any hand that I thought wasn’t drawing dead. I hit more gutshot straight draws than I can count, and once sucked out with running 33 with my 73o (straddled, blind raised the flop). I even three-bet preflop with the hammer, and it turned out to be a good bet! The raiser had 63o. Sadly, he made a straight and I lost. I was playing like an abs­olute donkey, putting the table on tilt. I also had the most fun playing poker I’ve had in a very long time. I ended up losing about $100 (was up $200 at one point), but it was worth it. Donkey poker is FUN. Of course, this doesn’t explain online donkey poker. I don’t see how that can have the same rush.

In other poker news, everyone should go congratulate my brother and his $3 MTT win at Stars for $1246! He doesn’t have a post up about it yet, but I’m sure he will soon, especially if I send some traffic over there. Here’s a screenshot of him with the chiplead heads up:

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Comment by merrymonk
2005-10-31 14:24:18

A fun read. Another great poker blog is loveablerogues.blogspot.com located at loveablerogues.com

2005-10-31 16:56:15

e payouts and be done with it. For another pic of the final table check out my brothers post… I love this game. This entry was posted […]

Comment by Grinder
2005-11-01 09:34:15

Congrats to you brother.

On a side note merrymonk is makign the rounds on all blogs spamming.

I’ll go say congrats.

When we had Poker in Wisconsin 10/20 games were 70% flops easy – it was like playing on a table with 8 maniacs. just crazy nuts.

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