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Saturday, December 24, 2005

I did it again.

I played some online poker. But it wasn’t real online poker, honest (it was .50/1 limit, and the fishiest I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t remember the low limits being that bad when I started). And I wasn’t playing it to play poker, I was playing it to test out wine. I swear.

I was chatting with helixx in IRC, and he said he was playing at FullTilt. They just released a Mac (beta) client, but sadly nothing for Linux. Not that I’m surprised. That market is probably all of a couple dozen people, if that. 🙂 Anyway, it got me playing with wine and really banging on it until I could get things to work.

Then of course, once it was up and running, I had to actually test it. I successfully played at FullTilt on my Linux desktop for two hours. It crashed once, but that computer has other issues and other things (Firefox, for one) crash on it, too. There are some graphics and drawing issues, but for the most part it is very playable. I ended up losing a little bit of money, but the side chat about the other players at the table was hilarious and worth it. April also sat down at the table for a bit while we were there.

I got Party and Stars going, too. UB is sort of halfway working, but I don’t really plan to play there much in the near future anyway. I’m seriously considering setting up a “Poker on Linux” website with instructions on how to do all of this (complete with affiliate links to all the poker sites, of course). Here’s a nice little screenshot of me not actually playing poker:

On a totally unrelated topic, I took some more pictures of my house. They’re up in the gallery.

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2005-12-24 09:45:21

A poker-on-linux howto would definitely be a good thing. It was a year ago this past summer that I converted BACK to Windows, for 2 reasons:
1. Dreamweaver. It works like crap in wine, and though I had it running great in VMware, VMware supported no screen res larger than 800×600. I just can’t live at 800×600.
2. Poker. Things never worked quite right in wine (though, it was a year and a half ago).
My plea would be to write up a tutorial and post it here. Then go digg yourself. Then cross post over to LinuxQuestions.org. I used to be a regular over there, and lots and lots of newbs go there. It’s a great place for tutorials and how-to’s.

Comment by Andrew Hime
2005-12-24 19:02:15

I thought Linux was a Utopia where everything worked so much better than Windows and was easy to use and everyone should switch?

Comment by Hilton Sisters
2005-12-27 00:26:16

We heard last night from Pauly that we got kicked in the boobs.
By you.
How DARE you.

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