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Tuesday, January 31, 2006
shooting rampage leaves six dead

There was a shooting at a post office less than two miles from me. http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/01/31/postal.shooting.ap/

GOLETA, California (AP) — A former postal worker shot five people to death at a huge mail-processing center and then killed herself in what was believed to be the nation’s deadliest workplace shooting ever carried out by a woman.

The attack Monday night was also the biggest bloodbath at a U.S. postal installation since a massacre 20 years ago helped give rise to the term “going postal.”

I finally got my ring for my 299 game. Here’s a picture, which will probably get changed once I manage to actually take a good picture of it.

Tonight is the WWdN: penner42 Invitational. I busted Wil last week when my AK beat his TT, becoming the first former champion to get this tournament named after him. I’ll do my best to win my own tournament.

Everyone go wish Ryan good luck tonight in LAPC event #12. Play resumes tonight at 7PM, with 29 remaining and 27 getting paid.

I haven’t been playing much poker, online or live, lately. Too busy playing with my new toys. Last week, I got a Cox HD DVR (Scientific Atlanta 8300), and it’s a piece of crap. It has so many stupid issues that could be solved easily by any decent programmer who cared about it at all. It’s such a shame to switch from Tivo to this thing, except that it displays and records high definition shows. It’s worth all the hassles just for the HD recording. 24 in high definition last night was amazing. I just can’t wait until Tivo releases their cablecard/HD box later this year.

I also got a Logitech Harmony 880 remote. This thing is amazing. 5 minute setup on the computer, and it controls all my devices (DVR, receiver, projector) perfectly. It also has a battery charging base, and a screen better than most phones. Very happy with it.

I probably have more I could talk about, but I can’t think of anything right now. I really need to start blogging more often, just because I think of things I want to write about and then later forget them.

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Comment by FatBaldGuy
2006-02-01 18:33:28

Thanks [seriously, not joking] for the comment about stealing my blinds when I busted out last night. I knew it was a problem, but that just really made me sit up.

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