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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
The Past is Gone, The Future’s Blind

Sadly, I missed the DADI Invitational tonight. Byron was only able to win because I wasn’t there. Congrats!

Instead, I was at the bowling alley, as usual on Monday nights. My first three games were nothing special. In fact, they were pretty bad. Nothing wrong with a 192, but 178 and 162 are pretty sad. I’m not sure what happened for my last game, but I figured something out.

72X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   XX9

Unfortunately, if that last shot was strike, I’d have gotten a plaque for 11 strikes in a row. A teammate threw 279 that game, too. Again, I throw a big game, and it’s not the highest on the pair. Can’t really complain, though. The game pulled me up to a respectable 810 series for the night, too.

When I got home, I fired up FTP and registered for the $8k, and turned on my DVR’d 24. It took 10 minutes of me thinking, “how long is this damn ‘previously on 24’ bit?” before realizing I was watching last week’s episode. Anyway, I watched 24, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report, and then ran out of things to watch, while playing in the $8k. I doubled up early when I flopped a set of eights against aces. Caught enough cards to keep up. Got lucky when AJo outflopped QQ. All of a sudden, I was shortstacked on the money bubble. Then shortstacked on the three table bubble. Then chip leader with two tables remaining. Pretty card dead after that, and went out in sixth place (final table!) when I pushed for 4 BBs with A8s and got called by J9o. He flopped a 9, and I hit a useless 8 on the river. $520 for my effort. It was good to be at another final table. Even though it’s only been a month since the last one, it seemed like it had been forever.

Thanks to April for staying up late and railbirding me through the whole thing.

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Comment by biggestron
2006-03-14 08:56:56

“Even though it’s only been a month since the last one, it seemed like it had been forever.”
Alan, I feel for you. When a month goes between making a bazillion final tables in a row, it can be tough. Just keep playing your game – it will come around.

Geez – another one. Nice work!

Comment by StudioGlyphic
2006-03-14 10:24:33

Nice job. I also dig the new comment form.

Comment by cc
2006-03-14 15:51:48

Nice bowling game–that’s what you get for playing the hammer in the first frame!!

Comment by logtar
2006-03-15 08:59:32

Nice way to show bowling scores, if I could only get a good score like that.

Comment by Guerino
2006-03-20 01:57:23

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2006-03-29 16:36:01

I don’t know what a DADI Invitational is, really. But I think a DADA Invitational might be fun.

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