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Friday, April 14, 2006
Good Guys, Bad Guys, and Explosions

I promised a real post. This is it, I guess.

Damn you, Chris, for pointing me at this. Can’t get it out of my head.


Poker has been interesting lately. I haven’t been playing much, but enough to lose a bunch of money at Chumash last weekend. My losses basically came down to two hands: losing with QQ vs AK in preflop, and JJ vs 76s when I couldn’t lay it down. I have since made all that money back at 1/2 NL on FTP. I’ve only been playing the cash games there seriously again for two days now, but if it’s really as soft as it seems, I’m going to have to keep doing it. I’ve also played a few of their guarantee tournaments, but failed to cash. I busted 15 off the money in one getting in preflop with QQ vs 33. I will probably continue to play these tournaments, but at least for the moment, the $200 NL cash game looks like a better way to spend my time.

Reminder! Easycure‘s charity tournament for the American Cancer Society is this Sunday. This is a WPBT-POY event, and you can earn Player of the Year points in it.


What: Hammer Out Cancer – WPBT-POY Circuit Event (Tournament ID 3381723 under the Private section.)
When: April 16th – Sunday
Time: 9pm EST
Where: Full Tilt Poker
How Much: $10 + $16 ($15 goes to American Cancer Society so buy-in is 25+1)
Password: dahammer

The Mets are off to a great 7-1 start to the season. Of course, they’ve only played the Nationals and Marlins so far, so they should be beating those teams. Tonight they go up against Milwaukee, who have started the season 6-3. I can’t believe they’re for real, though, so the Mets should be able to beat them, too. I’m trying to figure out how long they’re going to string me along before falling apart and giving the division to the Braves again. I think this year it might be midway through September, sadly. At least I’ll be out of the country then. 🙂

A friend of mine at work sent me a link to a great blog: Plunk Biggio: Dedicated to Craig Biggio and his (probably unintentional) Quest to break the all time major league career record for getting hit by pitches. It’s got daily updates on his HBP numbers, as well as fun stats about teams and pitchers plunking him. He needs 14 more to break the record, and has one this year so far. He’s been plunked at least 15 times in each of the last 6 seasons, so there’s a good chance it’ll happen this year.

My fantasy team is off to a wonderful start, going 1-11 the first week. I had a pretty good offensive week, but my pitching sucked, and my opponent hit 13 homers with 44 RBIs to crush me. This week it looks like I might be able to salvage a split. Yesterday, I hit .430 with 6 homers (more than I had all last week). I’m short a closer because Gagne is hurt (again! what was I thinking?) and my other two have been crap. Izzy and Cordero both have losses for me this week. My starting pitching is a mess, too. I’m not giving up yet, though. It’s a long season. Last year I actually moved up into third place for a few weeks at the end of August and beginning of September before falling off and finishing second to last again. My terrible finish leading to picking first in the draft and getting Utley finally paid off with a 2-homer game from him yesterday. My homerun from Mora blew a Dan Miceli save for my opponent, too. I love this game, even if I suck at it.

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