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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Just a Guy Made of Dots and Lines

“Hey metsfan, remember when you used to be a blogger?”
Shane Nickerson

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? No real reason for that, just no motivation.

I’ve started playing poker again a decent amount lately, mostly 1/2 NL at FTP. After about a week and a half, and some huge swings, I’m slightly above where I started. That’s good, I guess, seeing as my game was rusty and I was playing really terribly the first few days of it. Still making some donkey moves, though. Played a few tournaments as well, with not much to show for it. One cash, for not even 1.5x my buyin, and 5% of a few of Ryan‘s small cashes. Swaps are good, especially with players who are better than I am.

The baseball season is still progressing nicely, with the Mets still holding on to first place, though not as far ahead as I’d like them to be. The backend of the starting rotation is a mess, and we need Brian Bannister to come back. Then we need a 5th starter as well. I think the team is better off with Victor Zambrano not pitching than with him, but someone needs to fill that spot and it isn’t going to be Jose Lima for the rest of the season. Billy Wagner needs to get himself together, too. Tonight’s game against the Phillies will be on INHD, and they apparently have three games a week now, which is nice. Baseball in high-definition is so much better than not, I don’t know how I can still stand to watch it that way anymore.

I’m finally going to get myself to a baseball game in a couple of weeks, going to both the Monday night and Wednesday night games when the Mets are in LA playing the Dodgers. For the first game, I went crazy with tickets and will be sitting just past first base, the second row from the field. That should be a lot of fun, and you’ll be able to see me on TV getting hit in the head by a foul ball. Or catching it, maybe.

My fantasy team seems like it might actually be coming together, having made two trades for starting pitching. I dealt Lyle Overbay who was rotting on my bench behind Nick Johnson (and Nomar) for Mike Maroth and Tyler Walker, and then traded Chase Utley for Chris Carpenter. I won’t miss Overbay at all, but being without Utley will hurt my offense quite a bit. It seems like it should be strong enough to do without him, though, and my pitching is now no longer absolutely awful. Plus, I get Gagne back soon, giving me a third closer, finally.

There’s a three-day weekend for Memorial day coming up, so I’m heading back to the east coast to see my nephew (and the rest of my family) again. I’m not looking forward to the actual traveling part of the trip, but it should be a fun weekend. Too bad the Mets are on the road.

And, lastly:

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 7330476

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Comment by Raveen
2006-06-12 17:23:42

hey whats up man found ur site off dps glad to see found a fellow mets fan im from ny where u from???? check out my site if u get some time


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