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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Last weekend, I went to lovely Bakersfield and 108 degree heat… to go bowling. It was the California State Bowling Tournament. I didn’t do so well in the tournament, shooting 569 and 564 in the singles and doubles events, and then 514 in the team event the next day. The lanes were tougher than they have been at Zodo’s, but that’s no excuse. I should be able to adjust. I finally did figure out the shot the third game of the team event, and managed to break 200 that game, so you can get an idea how bad the first two were. I had a good time, despite the terrible bowling.

There was on bright spot, which was the Masters qualifier. It’s a scratch tournament, with qualifying chances every Saturday until the week before the event. At the time of this posting, I’m number 31 on the qualifying list. It’s going to be cutting it very close for actually qualifying. I’m pretty much dead money in the tournament anyway, but it would be fun.

Except I’d have to go back to Bakersfield.

X   X   9/X   81X   8-X   X   8/X
X   8/X   X   X   719/X   X   X8/
X   X   X   X   X   X   5-72X   X8-
9/X   X   X   X   819/9/X   8/X
X   X   X   X   X   X   9-X   4/X9/
9/X   X   X   X   X   72X   X   X9/
Series: 1328   Average: 221.3

Saturday night, after the Masters qualifier, I went to play some live poker. With the help of the free wireless internet connection in the hotel, we found Golden West Casino only a few miles away. It was a pretty nice room, and most importantly, well air conditioned. They had a bunch of limit games, and 1/2 ($100max) and 3/5 ($300max) NL games going. I got on both NL lists, and ended up getting a 1/2 seat first. The game was decent, if a little slow. Trying to loosen things up a little, I straddle the third or fourth time I’m UTG. A few people limp in, and I bump it to $14. I get one caller from the cutoff or button. I bet the Q33 flop, and push all-in on the 7 turn, and get called. I tell him he’s good if he’s got a 3, and turn over my straddled aces. He shows 8s, and I river an ace for good measure.

I left the game up around $75, after getting rivered by a 2 outer in a $220 or so pot and rebuying. Not a bad few hours of poker.

Since being back, I’ve bowled twice more, shooting 681 (over 3) Monday, and 842 (over 4) on my birthday Tuesday. I’m 27 (hammer!) for a whole year. In July, including the awful three series at the state tournament (but not the midnight drunken bowling at the Orleans in Vegas), I’m averaging 210.8 over 36 games. I’m pretty damn happy with that.

A bunch of us in IRC were talking about music we were listening to, and the result of the conversation was that I created a WPBT last.fm group. If you’re a poker blogger and use last.fm, go join! And dammit, brdweb there’s nothing wrong with Billy Joel. He’s awesome.

One last thing: In preparation for my trip to Europe later this year, I got a new toy for my camera. A ballhead tripod mount (BH-40 LR) and L-Plate (B20D-L) from Really Right Stuff. They kick ass. Pictures in the gallery.

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