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Thursday, October 12, 2006
Liveblogging NLCS: Game 1

5:01 PM: 18 minutes until game time. I love HD TV.

5:22 PM: First pitch strike to start the game. Second pitch Eckstein pops out to gimpy Floyd. Good start.

5:25 PM: 8 pitch 1-2-3 first inning for Glavine. Go Mets! He’s certainly no Joe Morgan, but I could do without Tim McCarver. “Very rarely do you see Albert Pujols go out of the strike zone and swing at bad pitches.” Not 5 seconds later, strike three swinging at a pitch low and away.

5:33 PM: Mets go down 1-2-3 in the first as well, though Weaver had to throw a few more pitches to get there. Hoping it continues like this and we get a nice short game, as I have a softball game at 8:50.

5:39 PM: Floyd really looks bad in the outfield. I hope his bat makes up for it. Cards go down 1-2-3 in the second.

5:53 PM: No hits, no walks, no errors through two innings. Both pitchers perfect.

5:57 PM: Cliff Floyd out of the game. Dammit. Endy Chavez has taken over in left field.

5:58 PM: Yadier Molina has the first hit of the game. Jeff Weaver lines the next pitch to right for a basehit. Two on, one out.

6:00 PM: David Eckstein hit hard line drive just to the left of David Wright. He grabbed it and tossed to second for an inning ending double play.

6:03 PM: Shawn Green leads off the third with the Mets’ first hit.

6:09 PM: No runs for either team through three innings.

6:17 PM: After a walk to Pujols, Encarnacion flies out to Beltran in center, who fires a one hop throw to first and doubles up Pujols. Awesome play!

6:27 PM: No runs through four. Both starting pitchers are doing extremely well. The Mets need to start hitting.

6:35 PM: Endy Chavez makes a great diving catch in left! Floyd wouldn’t have had a chance. Two down with a runner on first in the top of the 5th.

6:45 PM: Scoreless through 5 innings. Time for some ice cream for my two new crowns on my teeth.

6:56 PM: Strange. The UPS that my projector was plugged into just lost power. Good thing I had it. Power in my place didn’t go out, though, just that one. No circuit breaker went, and the outlet seems fine now. Weird. Scoreless through 5 and a half.

7:06 PM:

In an IM chat:
(19:01:31) alanmpenner: ok here we go, lo duca single, beltran bomb.
5 minutes later, it happens. 2-0 Mets!

7:21 PM: Did Tim McCarver just say “Endy Up-Endy” after Chavez went into the stands trying to catch a ball? WTF.

7:28 PM: Dinner time. Cheeseburger Hot Pockets. 2-0 Mets after six and a half.

7:39 PM: Damn La Russa and his pitching changes. I need this over quickly!

7:48 PM: Two down in the 8th. Guillermo Mota got a groundout and a strikeout. Four outs to go.

7:52 PM: Dammit, Mota has lost the strike zone and is about to walk Preston Wilson to bring up Pujols as the go-ahead run. OK, just threw strikes one and two. And then a foul ball. And another. POPPED UP TO DELGADO IN FOUL GROUND! Inning over.

8:06 PM: We go to the ninth, Mets up 2-0. Billy Wagner coming in to face Pujols-Encarnacion-Edmonds. Let’s make it quick.

8:10 PM: Pujols lines it RIGHT at Delgado, one away.

8:11 PM: Valentin makes a GREAT play up the middle, Delgado a nice pick at first, two down.

8:13 PM: Grrr. 5 pitch walk to Rolen, Scott Spiezio, the hero for Anaheim in game 6 of the World Series a few years ago, comes to the plate as the tying run.

8:14 PM: Floater to Valentin! METS WIN!!!! I even have a few minutes before heading to softball.

10:57 PM: Just got home. The game started 20 minutes late, and we lost 12-10. At least we made it close.

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