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Sunday, October 15, 2006
Liveblogging NLCS: Game 4

5:06 PM: I’ll give it another shot. First pitch strike from (Anthony) Reyes to (Jose) Reyes. Reyes strikes out swinging at a changeup.

5:09 PM: Lo Duca flies out to pretty deep center field.

5:11 PM: The count runs full on Carlos Beltran… the payoff pitch is ball four.

5:12 PM: The count is 2-0 on Delgado. Molina’s talking to Reyes on the mound. Delgado swings through strike one on a 3-0 count, and then walks on the next pitch.

5:18 PM: Wright works the count full after being down 0-2. Wright flies out to center.

5:22 PM: Eckstein leads off the game with a single to left.

5:24 PM: Spiezio pops out to Valentin in short right center. One out.

5:26 PM: Pujols reaches on an error by Delgado after Reyes makes a great play on a ball off Wright’s glove.

5:28 PM: Perez gets an inning ending double play. So far, so good.

5:34 PM: Green hits a line shot, but right at Edmonds in center. He was right on the ball.

5:36 PM: Valentin is fooled by a changeup, and strikes out.

5:37 PM: Endy Chavez rips a two out single to right, but Oliver Perez is coming up.

5:39 PM: Perez walks! Reyes coming up.

5:42 PM: Reyes pops out to shortstop. Dammit.

5:52 PM: Mister .216, Yadier Molina, gets an RBI single to drive in the first run of the game. 1-0 Cards. It seems like EVERY SINGLE big Cardinals hit has been just an inch or two from being caught. They’ve been very lucky this series. Not that the Mets have done any hitting, so it’s not all luck. Belliard got thrown out at third on the play, and Reyes grounded out to Delgado, inning over.

5:59 PM: Beltran homers! Tied at 1!

6:02 PM: David Wright! GONE! 2-1 Mets!

6:04 PM: Green strikes out to end the inning, but it was a good one.

6:11 PM: Brilliant, a 4 pitch walk to bring up Albert Pujols.

6:14 PM: Encarnacion triples to right center to tie the game, 2-2. Rolen flies out to end the inning.

6:31 PM: Whew. Edmonds flies out to deep left.

6:39 PM: Valentin fails to tag out Belliard to end an inning with a strike-him-out-throw-him-out double play, but then redeems himself by making a great play on Chris Duncan’s groundball up the middle to end it.

6:43 PM: Belliard error, Lo Duca at first. Basehit Beltran, first and second, no out for Delgado.


6:52 PM: Woo, ball misplayed in the outfield. Two on, one out.

7:00 PM: David Eckstein?! WTF! 5-3 Mets

7:10 PM: Leadoff single from Reyes to start the 6th.

7:11 PM: Hit and run, first and third nobody out for The Carloses.

7:15 PM: After being behind 0-2, Beltran walks. Bases loaded, nobody out, for the big man Carlos Delgado.

7:17 PM: Delgado hits a ground rule double! Spiezio may have been able to catch it if he ran the right way to the ball. 7-3 Mets

7:19 PM: Wright walks on four straight, bases loaded, still nobody out. Shawn Green coming up.

7:25 PM: RBI single for Green, still nobody out, bases loaded.

7:26 PM: Bases clearing double for Valentin! 11-3.

7:31 PM: Edmonds makes a great catch at the wall to rob Reyes of a double and another run. Inning over.

7:35 PM: He can hit, too. Edmonds with a solo shot. 11-4 Mets.

7:39 PM: Yadier Molina with a solo shot. 11-5 Mets.

7:52 PM: Carlos Beltran with another solo shot. 12-5 Mets.

8:20 PM: Nothing interesting happened since. Still 12-5, going to the 9th. Three outs to go.

8:35 PM: Pinch hitter Aaron Miles leads off the 9th with a single. Pinch hitter Gary Bennett strikes out. Pinch hitter John Rodriguez up now… Guillermo Mota gets a groundball double play to end the game. 12-5 Mets final!

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