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Thursday, October 19, 2006
Go Tigers!

Wow, I got over that a whole lot faster than I expected to.

I really hate rooting for the AL team, but I want a quick and painful exit for the Cardinals.

And I hope Yadier Molina goes 0-WS. That might get his postseason average back down to .216.

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Comment by Brad
2006-10-20 07:53:42

My wife fell asleep around the 7th inning last night. She told me this morning that she knew the Mets had lost when she woke up around 5am and I was sleeping with my back to her rather than facing her. Yes, I’m that pathetic. Plus, I’m still not over it. My prediction, Tigers in four. Four games that I’m not gonna watch. At least the Yankees can’t win it, so some good came outta the postseason. And maybe this turned around Oliver Perez for next year. Who knows. OK, bye.

Comment by Chilly
2006-10-20 07:54:07

Wow, bitter much? I know its easier on this side of the game, but here in St. Louis all the talk about the Mets is how great the Chavez catch was and how injuries really cost them their shot. Lets face it with a healthy pitching staff and Floyds bat this series might have went 5 games. Nothing but praise for a well played, hard fought series.

Comment by alan
2006-10-20 10:56:27

Yeah, I’m bitter. It was a hard-fought series in that the Cardinals played hard maybe. The Mets certainly didn’t look like they were trying to hit.

One possible consolation for me is the Cards will probably have both Suppan and Weaver next year, and they’ll revert to the pitchers they’ve always been. Of course, Oliver Perez will suck it up for the Mets, so … whatever.

Comment by Brad
2006-10-20 20:56:20

Chilly, no offense, but if that’s really the talk in St. Louis, then St. Louis fans are idiots. We didn’t miss just Floyd’s bat. We missed Wright’s bat, Beltran’s bat in big spots, anything from Chavez (offensively, but yes, the catch was nice), Valentin, even Reyes, we had no bench, I mean other than Floyd, who on the bench scares you? Woodward? Castro? Franco? Anderson Hernandez?? But the biggest problem I have with what you said is that we needed a healthy pitching staff. Please. If they’re really saying that in St. Louis then they know nothing about baseball. Maine and Perez were either ahead or tied in every game they pitched. Who lost it for us? The bullpen. Mota and Wagner in game 2, Heilman in game 7. Trachsel woulda pitched in the series no matter who was/wasn’t healthy, and our only other starter was Glavine, who was also phenomenal. Our injured starters had nothing to do with the outcome of the series. Did we miss Duaner Sanchez? Sure. Could we have won without him? Absolutely. No, the reason we lost was because our big bats did nothing, and our strength, our bullpen, came up very, very small. Again, I’ll give you Floyd to some extent, but this had next to nothing to do with injuries, and certainly not injuries to our pitching staff. This was about a big, fat, ugly choke job by Reyes, Wright, Beltran, Valentin, Chavez, Lo Duca and Green. Delgado’s the only one who pulled his weight this series. The only one. Bitter? Maybe, but don’t give me crap about it being injuries. This is a series we shoulda won, plain and simple, and honestly I’m gonna put the whole thing on Wagner and Wright. And I have even less respect for St. Louis than I did before, if they really think it was our injuries that cost us.

Speaking of losing respect, I was shooting the Nets preseason game tonight, and since it was the Sixers, there were two Philadelphia reporters there talking about the baseball from the night before. I swear to god, one of them said “I’m glad the Mets lost, I can’t stand their fans,” to which the other one replied, “for Halloween, I’m gonna put on a Mets cap and a blue and orange foam finger, and go as an asshole.” Now wait a second here. Philadelphia fans think Mets fans are assholes? Aren’t these the same fans who threw batteries at outfielders and booed Santa Claus? THEY BOOED SANTA CLAUS! So to anyone from Philly who might be reading this, glass houses, assholes, glass houses.

Can you tell I’m bitter?

Comment by Staci
2006-10-22 19:08:21

John Maine’s a hottie.

Comment by Staci
2006-10-22 19:10:05


Comment by Brad
2006-10-22 19:23:07

Glad to see Molina got hit in the nuts. He already looked like a manwoman before that anyway.

Comment by Brad
2006-10-22 19:25:17

And what the hell kinda steroids is Kenny Rogers on?

Comment by Chilly
2006-10-23 10:04:50

Brad – My point was that the Cardinal’s fans aren’t going around screaming “Mets Suck!” Pond Scum hasn’t even been discussed. You’re right the Mets bullpen does suck. People in St. Louis acknowledged that your team had a slate of serious injuries and that additional bats may have helped your shitty offense. Maybe if your starters weren’t hurt you could have done something different with your non-exsistent bullpen. I dunno, I am not an expert. But…. I do understand this:

Cardinals win the pennant.

So lose respect for St. Louis fans that are smart enough to know that if the NLCS was played three times with healthy teams the Mets would have won twice. I mean, Beltran can’t leave the bat on his shoulder everytime the series is on the line, right?

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