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Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Fuck You, Sony

Some people have told me in the past that I was being unreasonable in attempting to not buy anything from Sony due to the rootkit issue. I don’t do it because I think a boycott will serve any purpose, it’s just that I don’t want to give the company any of my money. I understand they’re a large corporation, and have lots of different unrelated departments, but I still feel that way.

Well, now a different division of Sony has just pissed me off again. Lik-sang has been forced to shut down due to the expense of Sony lawsuits. This was the site I bought the wireless adapter for PS2 controllers from to make my wireless Guitar Hero guitar. They sell sold lots of random video game parts, and yes, probably some things that aren’t quite legal. Still, all those products do is let me use a hardware device I purchased how I want to use it. It’s my fucking hardware. I paid for it, now you stay out of it. Same thing goes for music and movies. As long as whatever I do with it is for personal use, you have no right to tell me what to do with it.

I will be buying Guitar Hero II, which I’m sure they get some royalty money from. After that, I’ll be avoiding them at all costs. I’m sure some TV/Movies/DVDs will slip in there, but I’ll do my best.

I will not be buying a PS3, and it has nothing to do with the price tag. Hell, I just spent $3300 on 6 baseball tickets (which, sadly, I have to return and get a refund for), so $600 for a game console doesn’t seem like a stretch for me. I just won’t buy a $600 game console from Sony.

I hope your batteries keep exploding.

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2006-10-25 19:43:39

I refuse to buy sony shit ever since the rootkit, too. And I used to be their biggest fan. Never again.

Comment by ryan
2007-11-03 01:23:33

fuck sony i have been though 3 ps2s and 2 ps1s they all fucking die after about a year and your forced to by another to enjoy there extensive list of rpgs thank fucking god square enix has signed a contract with microsoft

Comment by Basasa
2006-10-30 16:17:30

Um first of all, wow, you use the same blog format as my teacher. Second, well, thats just cotton ginger peachy. You spent the money, that’s your fault! Get over it! You need to stop spending that much moneyon stuff (How the hell did you get so rich anyway) and get on with your life! Oh ya, and don’t even try to write hate-mail to me with the e-mail adress, if you can even veiw it, because its a fake! So go ahead, and block me from your blog and hide in your little cacoon. But, you could respond to my post and be a man! Oh ya, and just so you know, I actually don’t care. I just wanted to write something, cause I had a bad day today. I’m really an okay guy. See ya!

Comment by Zach
2008-01-09 20:14:54

Well ,wrnt you just an idiot. Sony fucked up everything. First they drain Lik-Sang, because of breaches? Sony, you are a multi-billion corporation, and you drain a little company that does nothing but good, even when you still recieved the money from the psps and whatnot. Plus the PS3 fucking blows. What a complete rip. You don’t see microsoft or Nintendo bitching at people that sell 3rd party products. What is wrong, you poor? Not likely. And as for you Basasa, its none of your buisness who buys what. If you don’t like the blog…don’t read it.

Comment by Zach
2008-01-09 20:18:53

Oh and P.S

Blu-Ray blows.

Comment by Jonathan
2006-11-06 19:41:04

Heh, just beat BARK AT THE MOON on expert a few days ago… Now I’m ready for GH2 myself… News: just got hired as a clinical molecular laboratory tech in NYC… Will tell more later! Hope all is well!

Comment by FoRzE
2006-12-21 15:49:02


Anyway i feel sorry for the other people posting in here with their terrible sony experiences,

I’ll tell you this much for nothing… Just type ‘fuck sony’ or ‘i hate sony’ etc in google & see how many sites there are!
Their reputation is a joke i honestly dont know how they are still in business despite the size of their company & their cheque book!

They are split into several companys…

Sony = General Electrics
Sony BMG = Music/Films
SOE = (Sony online Entertainment) = Games
SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) = Consoles etc

etc, etc…You get the drift.

SONY BMG…invading our DVD/CD/Music/Films with rootkit spyware which threatens the security of
your pc & allows mallicious software to attack your pc (whether your pc is protected or not)
& for what!?…To spy on what we do!…What we watch!…What we download!…Where we shop!
as well as them restricting the amount of copies we can make of the DVD/CD to 3 or 5 copies
(this again is illegal, we are intitled to make as many copies as we want for our own use as
long as we dont sell them etc)

SOE ENTERTAINMENT…Completly destroyed the almost impossble to destroy ‘Star Wars Galaxies’ game
they had a money spinning game with so much potential in monthly account, expansions etc etc,
YET they forced 95% of the players to quit with there constant bugs, nerfs, tweeking, & basicly
breaking an almost perfect game, they changed the game style & content to such an extent that
the game was unrecognisable, Sony alienated themselves further from their customers by going
against their wishes to make huge changes to the game structure several times after people
had spent years of their time & hundreds of pounds/dollars of their money to make uber characters
& people just had enough despite the time & money they had spent & no matter how much they loved
the game & the theme previously they could not take no more!

SONY ELECTRONICS…Make inferior products but yet they are’nt cheap,
they make PSU’s that explode! (As poor old Dell found out this year!)

Sony dont even use there own pc’s/laptops!…What confidence in their products they have eh!
Pixles die in a short time in their tv’s!…The mp3 players break easy!…PSP break easy &
the screens too, The ps1 & ps2 have more issues than i can be bothered listing such as
lasers breaking very easy, the cds scratch in the machine blah blah etc…
They have issues with almost all their products DUE TO INFERIOR PARTS / CHEAP LABOUR!

Basically anything they touch turns to shit!

FACT: They are to big as a company!
FACT: They try to control us by dictating new technologys like blu-ray!
FACT: Their obsession to invade our privicy & spy on us by implanting our music & films with ROOTKITS!
FACT: They try restrict our copying limits of DVD’s/CD’s!
FACT: There products are EXPENSIVE yet INFERIOR! made with cheap components for maximum profit!

There after sales care!…HA what after sales care!?…IT DOESNT EXIST!!!
If they ever showed a single sign of care or respect towards the consumer it would truly SHOCK me!

Whether its SONY BMG, SOE or SCE… ANY & ALL of the sony empire are just out to gain maximum
PROFIT & nothing more REMEMBER THAT, they have no loyalty or respect for their consumers!





Sony lies!

Comment by ez
2007-06-03 00:01:48

Agreed sony can go fuck themselves and there inferior technology

2007-10-02 23:34:17

out of every single coorporation out there sony has got to be the worst. Seriously they charge more for their crappy products and offer less. My friend bought a viao and it didn’t even come with a backup disc or a warranty. Not only that but now they want to fucking stop ppl from copying music they already own and installing spyware and crap onto their products just to see to it that you dont do anything illegal; it’s just getting outta hand with those assholes. FUCK SONY

Comment by Yomama
2007-10-24 00:11:34

I happened upon this blog cause i typed in Fuck you sony in the address bar to navigate away from the http://www.sony.com. I was there to get a download of my owners manual for my 27inch TV. They wanted 5 dollars for it. They MUST have a digital copy of the manuals somewhere, can’t they make it available to the customer? They went through the trouble of making it available for online ordering… couldn’t they have used the same resources to make it available for free download? I have downloaded manuals for almost all of my purchases from many different companies and this is the first time I have been told I had to BUY it. Downloadable customer manuals are the bare minimum that most people expect from online customer care solutions. I’m surprised these a-holes at sony have not figured out a way to charge me for every time i plug my tv into the AC outlet.

Comment by Yomama
2007-10-24 00:18:35

Of course they’re probably working hard on a solution to the problem of not having an ‘AC outlet to Sony TV’ tax.

Comment by Amber
2008-01-11 21:41:51

I too typed in “fuck you Sony” and this blog came up. My birthday present was a ps3 (2 weeks ago) and it’s already broken. It’s a 600 dollar paperweight now. Sony offered to send me a refurbished one in exchange for my broken one if I paid 150 bucks. No thanks, assholes.

Comment by Fun with Sony
2008-02-21 11:26:41

So, i have a wonderful sony handycam. drc-pc1000. this nice toy comes bundled with a bunch of crappy-ass software on the device driver disc. I’ve misplaced the CD and have upgraded my PC, so, time to reinstall the drivers. Since i dont need all of the crappy-ass fluff that these hacks put onto the driver CD, i try to download it from their support portal. to get the link to the download, i give my unit serial number and model number. it then asks for the part number of this POS CD. cant continue. i search to find the number of the bundled software on the sony site, cant find it, eventually find it in an ebay listing.

so i call sony.

their answer – they do not allow you to download the drivers without having the physical CD. I just want to download video from my video camera. their response – stream video from the camera over firewire. this doesnt make my Adobe CS3 investment pay off. basically turns my 1500 buck camera into a nice firewire webcam.

i call their supplier, wont ship to canada.
called support, i’m S%$$%-out-of-luck.
found a distributor; they want 56$ plus shipping and handling. fuck you.

My solution. Buy the same camera again. install the software. return the package. Fuck you Sony.

For sale soon – 1 terrific camera, bundled with a home-burned CD install media packed with useless shit you’ll never use, and a product-life-long pain in your ass if you ever need support. Guess i have to work on my text for my ebay listing.

Thank god the other manufacturers have finally surpassed Sony’s image quality. I cant wait to get my Non-Sony High-Def Flash video camera with non-proprietary video format.

Peace and Love.

Comment by SonyDestroyer
2008-02-27 11:03:32

Keep up the good work telling it how it is with respect to those money-grubbing bastards at sony. Now that hd dvd has folded those motherfuckers will think they have a license to print money with their garbage blu-ray shit that ain’t even finished yet. Fucking die sony, you bastard corporation. I hope blu-ray disappears too, and you’ll have another failed format. Losers!

Comment by Ex Sony Customer
2008-05-26 17:48:56

After saving up my money for quite a while I bought a DVD 403 Handycam for $850 (my first camcorder) and after only using it a dozen times or so in 2 years I get “disc error 13:02” The thing is useless and Sony wants $311 plus shipping to fix the damn thing. I have found out that ALOT of Handycam owners are getting the exact same error in this model and other Sony DVD cams. I hardly used the camera I babied this thing and never dropped, jarred or exposed it to anything that would screw it up, it’s a manufacturing defect and Sony has screwed me out of $850 plus what I spent on accessories. I contacted them but they could care less…they got my money. Well, that’s fine but they have lost my business forever and probably alot more folks out there as well. DON’T BUY SONY unless you have money to burn.

Comment by Out $1400
2008-06-16 20:22:41

I bought a Sony VAIO laptop and in the few months that I’ve had it, I’ve had to re-install Windows and start from the beginning 3 times. After sending it in to them to be “fixed”, I have the same problem all over again in a week or two. This is the last time that I ever knowingly buy Sony again. I wish they would quit paying to have their useless computers shown in movies and spend just a little more time trying to create a quality product.

Comment by karl
2009-08-08 01:09:51

Well, the only advice i can give people is DON’T BUY ANY CRAP FROM SONY !
I had 3 vaio laptops in 4 years time, they all died. Yes i’m an IDIOT ! The first one i haved repaired, new motherboard, $800, 8 months later broke again. My brother and i bought the same sony TV, first his tv broke down, six months later mine. I have a sony video camera, it’s broke allready twice, lucky i have an extended 5 year warranty on that camera.

Comment by morbid
2010-10-11 01:42:47

Too bad morons like bas apparently like letting Sony screw them. People like you should just be removed from the gene pool.

Comment by brian
2012-05-08 12:01:32

I have the same problem with my camcorder 403. Only used it a few times andnow have to pay 189.00 dollars to fix the piece of garbage. I havehadotherissues with expensive sony products and verypoor customer srvice. I have bought my last sony product.

Comment by G
2013-01-29 09:13:46

I realize this blog is a bit older but this is what happened to me: I bought a PS3 when it first came out—within a year it was broken. Now, I didn’t play much so I was surprised that it broke that quickly. I called customer service—they told me to bring it in which I did ( there is a Sony repair center in the city where I live). They tell me it’s US$100 to get it fixed. Grudgingly I pay. A little while later the PS3 breaks down again, nothing works. I take it back in, they say the motherboard is broken, nothing they can do. But I have to pay a US$3 service charge for them to look at it. All they tell me is to buy a new one.
Now—my Sony Entertainment system broke shortly thereafter—same story: “Just buy a new one”. Believe me, I will never allow another Sony product passed my doorstep. The next sales guy that recommends Sony to me can count on an extended hospital stay.

Comment by Freedom
2013-05-13 15:47:09

Sony WEGA, $5000 TV. Because of defect in design and material, $5k TV is now shit. SONY answer? Suck a dick, or buy a new TV. After the old days rootkit fiasco I swore off SONY entertainment (BMG) purchases and stuck to it. Now, no more hardware, ever. I am a PC gamer, I build my PCs with quality and long life in mind. I will not need the PS4 and don’t give a shit. Samsung is the answer.

Comment by ;;;
2014-05-15 16:52:13

Will NEVER buy anything sony again, they have NEVER once honored the warranty with ANYTHING I’ve bought. It has been since 1991 and I won’t buy ever again.

Comment by Greg Robert
2016-05-13 18:49:32

I’ll do you one better. I just spent $350 at BestBuy to purchase a SONY STDRN1060 7.2 channel.
They keep claiming they are sending me to the manual but it’s always a QUICK START Guide and never a user’s manual.

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