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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Opening Day, 2009…

…will be at Citi Field. I can’t wait for the inevitable “Shitty Field” references. They really couldn’t come up with a better name? Hell, CitiBank Stadium would be better.

Also, the Mets signed Jose Valentin to a one year deal. Why? I would have liked an upgrade at second.

Red Sox won the right to negotiate with Matsuzaka, so he’s out. Looks like it’s Zito or Schmidt, as the Marlins apparently don’t like Milledge, so Dontrelle Willis is out.

Relying on John Maine, Mike Pelfry, and Oliver Perez might not be the end of the world. Anyone heard anything about Brian Bannister lately?

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Comment by Brad
2006-11-14 21:10:17

The Mets also signed El Dookie to two more seasons. Please, please, PLEASE let them get Zito, not Schmidt (or a re-sign of Glavine) … We’re already well over our old quota with Valentin, Duque and yes, we still have another year to go with Julio “older-than-dirt” Franco. I think Citi Field is fine, because unless they’d called it Shea – and let’s be honest, we knew that wasn’t happening – I wasn’t going to like it. As long as I can just keep saying “we’re gonig to the Mets game,” the name of the stadium doesn’t really matter anyway. Now, for the Mets, on to Soriano, Lee and Zito… oh, and as for the BoSox, rumors here are that they spent the $48mil on the negotiating rights for Matsuzaka just to block the Yankees from getting those rights, and actually have no intention of signing him. But I think that’s just Yankees fans and their conspiracy theories talking, and that he will be in the Sox rotation come spring… But who the hell really knows, right?

My Mets lineup/staff for 2007:

Reyes, SS
Lo Duca, C
Beltran, CF
Delgado, 1B
Soriano, 2B
Wright, 3B
Floyd, LF
Milledge, RF

Pedro (eventually)
Pelfrey/Bannister/Someone Else?

Yeah, I think there’s a better chance of them re-signing Floyd cheap than Lee not-so-cheap. And I really don’t want Schmidt here, he gets hurt too much.

Comment by Brad
2006-11-19 20:44:54

Soriano to the Cubs?? The Mets were supposed to get him! WTF!

Comment by Beatris
2007-11-09 13:13:51

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