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Friday, September 14, 2007
everybody wants a rock

Well, I can cross one item off the list below. I bought the 160 GB iPod Classic yesterday. It’s nice, though I have no idea what I’m going to do with all that space. It will probably get used as portable backup storage while I’m away from home. Unfortunately, Apple seems to have changed the database format with these new iPod models, so all the non-iTunes programs that used to work on Linux and Windows are now broken. I tried to use Anapod Photosync (running in Linux, under wine) to put a few pictures on it. When it was done, scrolling to the Photo menu option would cause the iPod to lock up. If I clicked, to go to the photos, before it locked up, it would just reboot instead. Oops. Hopefully, the database format will get reverse engineered soon and some of these programs will start working again. (Note: I don’t believe Apple did this to intentionally make these programs break. There were probably good reasons for it.)

So, that’s one item off the list. Actually, after I posted that list I remembered something else I meant to add. The Delphi XpressRC. The headset/line out jack in the XM I have my car is dying, and it was just in general due for an upgrade. It looks like I won’t be getting that, though, because… I’ve decided I need to get a new car instead. I just had to bring mine in, again, because the check engine light was on. Repair of some stupid sensor was around $400, and it just seems like it’s getting more expensive to maintain than is worth it. It looks pretty beat up at this point, my speakers or some other part of my sound system is dying, and I’ve had to bring it in several times in the past few months. My next car will almost definitely have a built in XM radio, which is why I no longer need to buy that other one. I’ve sort of tentatively started looking around at stuff online, but haven’t really narrowed anything down yet.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a violent sort of mood. I’d been wanting to redo the closets in my bedroom for a while, so with nothing else to do, I took my hammer to the shelves that were in there. It felt good. Last weekend, I finished up one half of the closet. Pictures on flickr, here and here. There’s another closet the same size right next to it, which I’ll get to eventually.

Tonight, I’m driving to LAX, and then flying to JFK on Virgin America. Tomorrow night, I go to a wedding. Sunday afternoon, hopefully to Mets/Phillies at Shea, and then I have a 7:30 PM flight out. I’ll be in New York/New Jersey for under 36 hours, if you don’t count time spent in JFK. I get back to LAX Sunday night at 10:30 and then have to drive back to Santa Barbara. Fun.

If the Mets sweep the weekend, their magic number can drop to 5.

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