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Saturday, September 29, 2007
Liveblogging the Mets Collapse!

10:25 AM PT: Moises Alou with an RBI single in the first. The Mets can now blow another 1-0 lead!

10:26 AM: Delgado follows with another single. 2-0 Mets. First and second, two down.

10:28 AM: Castro pops out to end the inning.

10:32 AM: Maine strikes out Jacobs for the second out of the second.

10:35 AM: Maine strikes out Linden to end the inning! His third strikeout of the game.

10:38 AM: Milledge leads off the second with a single. Maine coming up, probably looking to bunt.

10:39 AM: Good bunt, Milledge to second with one out.

10:40 AM: Reyes continues to struggle, grounds out moving Milledge to third.

10:42 AM: Castillo with his second hit of the game, drives in Milledge! 3-0 Mets.

10:44 AM: Wright walks on a 3-2 pitch. First and second, two down.

10:47 AM: Another two out RBI single! Beltran this time. 4-0 Mets, 2 on, 2 out. Marlins changing pitchers.

10:52 AM: RBI single for Alou! 5-0 Mets, still 2 on, 2 out..

10:55 AM: Delgado pops out to finally end the inning. The Mets get to blow another 5 run lead today.

11:01 AM: Maine strikes out the side in the third! He’s struck out five in a row, six in the game.

11:05 AM: Castro leads off the bottom of the third with a single, the Mets ninth hit of the game in 2+ innings.

11:06 AM: 2 run homer for Lastings Milledge! 7-0 Mets with nobody out in the third.

11:08 AM: John Maine takes a 4 pitch walk? Reyes will probably swing at the first pitch, pop out.

11:11 AM: Jose Reyes fails to run out a grounder up the third base line, is thrown out at first and what could have been an infield single. Maine up to second.

11:12 AM: 8-0 Mets on Castillo’s second double, third hit. Maine scores. Marlins changing pitchers again, and we’re only in the third.

11:19 AM: Inning finally over, 8-0 going to the 4th.

11:28 AM: Maine strikes out the first two in the 4th, and then gets a flyout. Struck out 7 in a row, 8 overall.

11:35 AM: Mets go down 1-2-3 in the 4th, the first inning they don’t score.

11:41 AM: Marlins go 1-2-3, with two strikeouts. John Maine has just set a career high with 10 strikeouts, and has faced the minimum through 5.

11:45 AM: Milledge with his second homer of the game! 9-0 Mets!

11:48 AM: After John Maine strikes out, Reyes finally gets a hit! A 1-out double.

11:53 AM: Benches and bullpens cleared after a pitch waaaay inside to Castillo. No punches were thrown, both benches warned, Reyes to third on the wild pitch. Damn Fox, I want to WATCH this, not LISTEN to it.

11:54 AM: Castillo walks on four pitches. First and third, one out.

11:57 AM: BRAWL! And I missed the whole thing on commercial break. Grrr…

12:04 PM: The game finally resumes, and David Wright gets an RBI single. 10-0 Mets.

12:06 PM: Inning finally over, and we go to the 6th.

12:10 PM: Strikeout #11 for Maine to leadoff the 6th!

12:12 PM: Four strikeouts in a row, for #12.

12:13 PM: Maine gets a flyout to Alou to end the 6th.

12:19 PM: Delgado lines out to third base to start the bottom of the 6th.

12:21 PM: Ramon Castro solo homer! 11-0!

12:22 PM: Two errors on the Marlins pitcher on a dribbler up the line to allow Milledge to reach second.

12:23 PM: Maine pops out on the infield. Jose Reyes is getting a standing ovation? Weird. Reyes pops out.

12:27 PM: Line drive off David Wright’s leg, to Jose Reyes, who throws to first for the out!

12:31 PM: The Marlins have their second baserunner, a one out walk to Dan Uggla. Again.


12:34 PM: POPUP! Inning over!

12:38 PM: David Wright gets a one-out single in the 7th.

12:41 PM: Carlos Gomez, pinch hitting for Alou, reaches first base on a dribbler to the mound. That’ll be an error.

12:42 PM: RBI single for Carlos Delgado, scoring Wright. 12-0

12:44 PM: Inning over on the forceout at second. We go to the 8th.


12:49 PM: Deep flyball to Gomez, 2 out!

12:51 PM: Fuck. Dribbler up the third base line for a infield single to blow the no hitter.

1:09 PM: 13-0, going to the 9th. I got delayed by a phone call. Also, the Nationals have scored a run in the top of the first against Adam Eaton.

1:11 PM: 1 out in the 9th.

1:12 PM: Gomez makes a sliding catch, with Gotay jumping over him out of the way. 2 out.

1:14 PM: Strikeout. Mets win 13-0, on a one-hit shutout. Phillies losing 1-0 going to the second.


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