…another choke? Actually, I thought it was a pretty good shot, just took off a little at the end. Eight strikes to start, then a little high for a 9 pin. Threw a X9/ in the 10th for a 269. That was the third game. In the first game, I went X/X/ and then finished with 8 in a row, for a 260. The middle game… well, as usual, was a 173. That adds up to a 702. Last night, I went 256-232-216 for a 704. That’s a 700 series three nights in a row, which is something I’m fairly sure I’ve never done before. One of these days, it’ll all come together and I’ll get that damn 300. (0)
Thursday, November 15, 2007
Fox News Porn


NSFW? Every image in the video was on Fox News. I report, you decide. 🙂

“You know, Fox turned into a hard core porn channel so gradually, I didn’t even notice.” –Marge Simpson

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