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Saturday, April 26, 2008
Lost in Venice

A few years ago, I took a photography trip to Europe (you can see pictures from that trip in the flickr set). One of the images from the trip that I really liked was this one, from Venice:
Venice, Italy

Today, I was in Aaron Brothers looking for a frame for some of my photos from my recent trip, when I saw a picture of Venice that looked awfully familiar. I pulled out my iTouch, to look at the above picture on it and compare. Sure enough, they were the same canal. When I got home, I looked through my other pictures from there, and found one that’s a little closer to the same perspective, though still different. I also overexposed it in Lightroom so the building in the background can be seen better. Here’s the picture in the frame (taken by my BlackBerry Pearl) side by side with the other shot I got in Venice:
Aaron Brothers Frame Image
You can click though the image and view bigger sizes at flickr.

Obviously, mine was taken at night, while the picture in the frame wasn’t. The part I find really amazing about this is where the picture was taken. It wasn’t in a very high traffic, famous part of the city. I found it wandering around different streets and canals, just looking for places to get good pictures. It’s probably not in one of the most remote parts of the city, but it’s not one of the ridiculously popular ones, either. It really is just a random canal in Venice, that I took some photographs in. And that also ended up being in a stock photo in a framing store. I wish I had my GPS and geotagging setup back then, because I probably couldn’t find this place again if I go back.

Here’s a link to the same canal from the other side. It was taken on the the bridge in the pictures above, facing back to where those pictures were taken from.

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Comment by Ian Drake
2008-05-07 03:09:21

If there’s a good picture, then someone else will also see it.

This example, http://www.flickr.com/photos/iandrake/411964981/, astonished me!

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