Thursday, July 31, 2008
with my freeze ray I will stop the world

Well, the Mets are no longer in first. They’re only half a game out, and I have a feeling the Mets and Phillies (and maybe the Marlins) will be trading first place back and forth through the end of the season. It would be an exciting division race if I didn’t care about the outcome. Since I do, it’ll just be stressful instead.

A lot’s happened since my last real post over three weeks ago. I went to NY. Went to a Mets game at Shea. Didn’t go to the 15 inning All-Star game at Yankee Stadium. Saw Billy Joel at Shea. Took home some warning track dirt. Flew back to LA on Virgin America first class. Bowled in the CA State tournament, badly. My tuesday night summer league team has moved into first place, and we barely held it after the first week there. Four weeks left to try to stay there. My parents are out visiting now, and leave tomorrow. A bunch of other stuff I’m leaving out, too. No motivation to write, as usual.

I don’t know why (or if) anyone still reads this, but I certainly wouldn’t blame anyone for not doing it. This blog has been pretty damn boring lately.

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