Monday, September 8, 2008
Addicted Again

Last weekend, I went up to Chumash both Friday and Sunday night. Did pretty well, though Sunday night I was up a lot more than I finished with. I went back again Friday, and would have Saturday if I wasn’t at a wedding… I think I’m hooked again. My most recent trip I actually felt like I was starting to play pretty well, again, too. Only got my money in bad once, and that was with set under set. He turned the case king, so the last 7 on the river woulda given us a jackpot. Sadly, it didn’t happen. Later in the night, we were again a one-outer away from a jackpot (though I wasn’t in the hand). Someone had KJs, flopped AT3 of clubs. All in against AT. An ace on the turn. No queen of clubs on the river. Shame. I will very likely head up there again this weekend. I’m actually enjoying it again, and not getting bored so quickly.

The Mets lost two of three to the Phillies, but by winning the third game and not getting swept, managed to hold on to a 2 game lead in the division. The next three weeks are gonna be stressful. Wagner is now out for the season, too. Hopefully, the Mets bullpen can continue their solid stretch the last couple of weeks. Evan went to his first Mets game yesterday, the day game of the doubleheader. Brad’s comment on the game: Evan lasted longer than Pedro! There are pictures if you follow that link…

Rock Band 2 comes out on Sunday. I’ll probably be getting the game right away, and then dealing with new instruments (if I want them) later. The old ones are decent enough, anyway. I’ll wait to see what happens with accessories (cymbals) on the drum kit first, I guess. Gears of War 2 comes out next month. I’m looking forward to that one. I haven’t played much other than Rock Band or a Guitar Hero game in a while. Amazon has a GoW2 Lancer that I might have a hard time not buying. I have absolutely zero use for it, but… It’s a Gears lancer! A gun, with a chainsaw. Seriously. How can I not get it?

I guess that’s it. I’ll leave you with… McCain getting BarackRoll’d:

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