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Monday, November 3, 2008
Day 3

I woke up an hour early today, because my alarm clock was the only clock in the house I forgot to change back to standard time. It’s a good thing, too.

I apparently forgot to pay my water bill (the only one I still only get in the mail, not electronically… I wonder if there’s a connection there) for the past few months, and had a note on my door last week that I had to pay by noon today or it would be shut off. My plan was to go there on the way to work to take care of it.

As I was getting ready to leave, I got an IM saying, “if you havent left for work yet, don’t bother.” There was a gunman on a freeway overpass, and part of the 101 was shut down. Traffic was terrible on all the side roads. I’m sure, due to the situation, a phone call could have given me a few extra hours to pay the bill, but I got in my car and started driving there anyway. Google says it should be an 11 minute drive (and really, it’s not even that long), but it took over an hour this time. I made it with almost an hour to spare, though, and the situation on the overpass was resolved shortly before I got there.

So, water bill paid, and I made it to work not too much later than I normally would have.

Tomorrow is election day. If you haven’t already voted early, don’t forget to get out and do it. If you’re in California, vote No on 8.

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