Wednesday, November 5, 2008
More Election Stuff

Just a few random notes on the election.

Stuart Smalley Al Franken probably narrowly lost to the incumbent Republican Senator in Minnesota. With 100% of precincts reporting (but not all absentee, provisional ballots counted), he’s losing by less than 500 votes out of over 2.5 million. There will be a recount.

Alaska somehow managed to re-elect a convicted felon. Again, there’s still counting to be done, but the Democratic challenger is down by 3500 votes out of only a little over 200,000. The votes required to win probably can’t find their way through the tubes. They’re clogged with enormous amounts of material, enormous amounts of material. They should have tried to use a big truck, instead.

My lunch plans yesterday had to be altered because of the election:


Fox News seems to not be trying to hide it anymore. Sure, if you read the smaller text, everything looks fine, but who does that? It sure looks like it’s intended to be misleading…

A World of Trouble

And lastly… didn’t know AFRICA WAS A CONTINENT? Strangely, also from Fox News…

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Yes We Did


I voted yesterday morning. For the first time in my life, my vote for President went to the guy who won was declared the winner. And this time, he won so overwhelmingly that it can’t be stolen from him. This is obviously a historic day, and a chance to get our country back on track. This election cycle was also the first time I ever donated to a political campaign, and the first time I ever voted in a primary.

The celebratory Red, White and Blue shot:

Red White and Blue

Republicans made a huge deal in 2004 about the fact that Bush got more votes (popular, not electoral) than any other Presidential candidate in history. They conveniently ignored the fact that the election had a huge turnout, and Kerry was second on that list. This time around, Barack Obama received more votes than any previous candidate. John McCain, though, looks like he will get fewer votes than Kerry did in 2004, in an election with a significantly higher turnout.

The news wasn’t all good for us bleeding-heart anti-American socialist liberals, though. It’s likely that three states (including California) have approved constitutional amendments banning gay marriage, and another passed a law banning gay couples from adopting children. Why must people always find someone to hate? Racism is no longer okay (not that it ever was), so they must move on to restrict the rights of some other group. It’s sad, and disgusting.

I took this picture at my polling place yesterday. I really just don’t understand.

Bumper Stickers

This country has come a long way, but we have a long way to go. I look forward to the day when all we have to fight over is what to name the atheist league

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