Sunday, November 2, 2008
Day 2

I think the most likely reason for me to miss a day in NaBloPoMo is that I’ll just forget. If a few more hours had gone by today, I would have completely missed it. At the very least, this makes titling my posts a little easier. I probably won’t use this kind of title every day of the month, but when I can’t think of something, I have one to fall back on.

Yesterday, I went to a Halloween-themed board gaming party. I played Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and The Great Brain Robbery. The first and last were a lot of fun. Betrayal I had played once before, and it seemed to run into a similar problem as the first time. The way the game ended just didn’t seem right. The first time, there was absolutely no way for me to win. This time, it just seemed like everything happened too quickly once we entered the final stage.

I also watched 1960: The Making of the President being played. Not Halloween related, but still an appropriate one. Kennedy was leading for most of the game that I watched, but Nixon pulled it out at the end. Kennedy should have won 269-268, but ten unpledged electors in Louisiana voted for someone else. It looks like a fun game.

Today, I didn’t leave home. Ordered pizza, and sat at home working on my puzzle. I’ll probably post about that tomorrow.

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Just got finished packing for the trip to Tucson for Passover. I should be asleep already, I have to be up in under 6 hours. Driving (or, riding in the car) with Brad, Staci, and Evan to LAX, and then a short flight to TUS.

The past few days, I’ve been playing a lot of online settlers at JSettlers, on the ladder at MyLeague. It’s been a long time since I’ve played the game seriously, and I really suck at it right now. My record at the moment is 16-48 (the 16 should be a multiple of 3, so some people didn’t report losses, and it should be 18-48). That means I’ve won 6 games, and lost 48. That’s … bad. A lot of the games I’ve been close, and needed a common number to get rolled to win, and we go for 12 rolls without it, and I lose. The RNG at JSettlers is more rigged than online poker. I won a game around a half hour ago, and stopped for the night. That win came after a 21 game losing streak. It was painful.

My company softball team started up again last night, and we won our first game of the season! I went 4-5, and the one out was made on a nice sliding catch at the foul line. My first hit, though, was a little silly. With two strikes on me, if I hit a foul ball, it’s an out. I hit a stupid little popup between the catcher and the pitcher that neither could get to in the air, and when it hit the ground it looked like it was rolling foul, so they didn’t touch it. It stayed fair, and I was safe at first. My other three hits were solid. The games go for 70 minutes or 7 innings, whichever is shorter. This game ended after three innings, with a final score of 24-16. We were the away team, and batted first. In the first two innings, we scored 5 and 6, and they scored 8 in both innings. In the top of the third, we batted around after we already had two outs, and ended up scoring 13 tuns. The other team got out 1-2-3 on 4 pitches. Two flyballs to left-center, and a popup to the pitcher. It’s good to win. 🙂

Evan likes pinball:


I think there was something else I wanted to write about here too, but I can’t remember and I need to go to sleep.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Holy Shit, Basically

Post title stolen from Tycho at Penny Arcade.

In a press release covering the Leipzig Games Convention, Microsoft revealed that European board games Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne and Alhambra would all be appearing on Xbox Live. There’s no word on pricing or release dates, but chance are they’ll show up before the end of the year.


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