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Ten strikes, then a fucking 7 pin. Missed it, threw a 288. Games before and after it were both 206, for a 700 even. And I’m pissed off at that. Dammit. (2)
It was a good week for bowling. Monday-Thursday, 851 (4 games), 707, 708, 696. That’s a 227.8 average over 13 games. I’ll take that. (0)
I was halfway out the door when the power came back on at the office… (1)
Woo! More Billy Joel tour dates added. Saturday, 2/23/08, Anaheim. (0)
279 last night. 10 pin in the 10th frame. It was a much better shot than my previous two. Grr. (0)
I finally ordered The Orange Box, for the Xbox 360. $39.99, free shipping, at the time of this post. (0)
Woo! My new projector (Epson Home Cinema 1080UB) was picked up from the shipper today. I should have it tomorrow! (0)
Just in time to be nominated for Post of the Year: You Either Get It or You Don’t. (0)
I really should be doing a Vegas writeup of some sort, but that’s unlikely to actually happen. Every night I bowl, there’s a national strike pot going. $2 to get into the regular, $3 for the super. To win the regular, I need to throw a strike in the third, sixth, and ninth frames of all three games, and the tenth frame of the third game. For the super, I need that, plus the next two strikes to finish off the third game. Last night, I had the first NINE of them. Then I threw a perfect shot, and left a ten pin. Payout for this thing is usually over $1000. I think that pin felt worse than when I shot my 299 game. Dammit. (5)
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