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At Zodos, eating before my flight. Playing some online poker. Haven’t even gotten on the plane yet, and I’m down $200. Same guy two-outered me twice in 4 hands. Aces vs tens, tens vs eights. Oh well. (0)
I’ve had a real HDTV all of two days, and I’m already annoyed at HDCP issues. My cable box apparently cuts off the component output when an HDMI cable (which goes to the new TV in the bedroom) is connected. It doesn’t have to, this isn’t required by HDCP as far as I know. What this means, though, is that until I replace my projector and get an HDMI splitter/switch, I need to unplug the HDMI cable to watch TV on my projector. Thanks to HDCP, there’s no HDMI to component adapter, and the only component to HDMI adapter I can find costs $180. Then I’d still need the HDMI switch. Epson needs to release the damn Home Cinema 1080 UB already. (0)
Wow. Amazon has a 30 day price guarantee. If they lower their price within 30 days of a purchase, you can just call them up and get it refunded. 1-800-201-7575. Thanks, Fatwallet! (4)
…another choke? Actually, I thought it was a pretty good shot, just took off a little at the end. Eight strikes to start, then a little high for a 9 pin. Threw a X9/ in the 10th for a 269. That was the third game. In the first game, I went X/X/ and then finished with 8 in a row, for a 260. The middle game… well, as usual, was a 173. That adds up to a 702. Last night, I went 256-232-216 for a 704. That’s a 700 series three nights in a row, which is something I’m fairly sure I’ve never done before. One of these days, it’ll all come together and I’ll get that damn 300. (0)
Choked in the 10th frame again, for the second week in a row. This time, it was the second shot. Ten strikes, and then a 9/, for a 289. Followed that up with an awful 178, and then a 234 for a 701 series. (1)
297 tonight. 11 strikes and then I choked. Then a 224-173 (every shot in the pocket, couldn’t carry anything)-224, for a 918 series. Maybe next week I’ll get my 300… (1)
I recently started using Gmail’s IMAP service and Thunderbird, instead of the Gmail web interface. Almost immediately, I missed being able to track Amazon (or other) packages right from the email, because Gmail would see a tracking number and put a link in the sidebar. I found this to fix that problem: Track Package Extension. (0)
I bought my first album from the Amazon MP3 store this weekend: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000XUGDDA/. (2)
Actually played some poker tonight. Went to Chumash, played $2/5 ($200 max) NL. Made $250, but feel like I lost $550 instead. Built my buyin up to just over $1k before making some stupid plays. Also had AA and KK both cracked, but I probably only could have saved myself $180 on those two hands if I played them perfectly, so it was mostly just getting bored that dropped me back down below $150. Then I won two big hands just before I left to finish with $450. I think I need to limit my sessions to about 3 hours or so, because that’s about when I start to play badly. Not that I actually go and play much these days, anyway. (0)
I made my arguments and went down in flames. History will prove me right.” — Texas Rangers owner George W. Bush after voting against realignment and a new wild-card system during a Major League Baseball owners meeting in September 1993. Bush was the lone dissenter in a 27-1 vote.
http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/playoffs2007/columns/story?columnist=crasnick_jerry&id=3048274 (0)
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