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Saturday, November 5, 2005
WWDN Donegal Invitational

Alrighty… tourney report, by level, with the help of PokerTracker. As you’ll see, I didn’t win this with skill, it was just a question of getting completely run over by the deck and getting lucky on one hand.

Level I (10/20): The very first hand of the tournament, I get AJo, and raise it up from middle position. whoisspain, who took second in the first WWDN Invitational, calls my raise and we see an A2K flop. I bet the flop, 9 turn, and 8 river, and he calls me down with KQ. After the first hand, I’m the chip leader with 2110.

Level I (10/20): Still in the first level, I’m dealt AQo in the cutoff. Dixinator raises to 60, and I reraise to 120. He calls. He bets 100 on the 2A8 flop, and I raise to 350. He calls, and that scares me. We check the K on the turn, and I call his 150 bet on the river. He turns over A7, and I take the pot. My stack is up to 2750 in the first level.

Level II (15/30): I see a free flop from the big blind with Q2. The flop is TQ7. I bet 100, and get one caller. I bet 200 at the K (not ) turn, and then pair my 2 on the river but miss my flush. I bet 200 again, get called, and take down the pot. maxxel had KJo, and had me beat on the turn, but I had plenty of outs, and wouldn’t have bet or called had I not improved. Stack: 2810.

Level II (15/30): I open raise to 90 from the button with 76s. Arcon reraises from the big blind to 150, and I call. I catch a whole bunch of the 477 flop, and it goes check-check. Arcon comes out firing for 150 on the J turn, and I raise to 450. He calls. He check calls 450 on the 7 river. Them’s quads, beetches! He had KJ. Stack: 4225.

Level II (15/30): Very next hand, I get KK in late position (seat got filled, so I’m not in the cutoff). UTG limps, and I bump it to 120. Three callers. 26K flop. Bingo! Two clubs, so I have to play it fast. UTG fires out 230, and I quickly raise to 1000. We lose the other two, and UTG pushes. I call, and see him turn 22 for bottom set. Running 88 gives us both full houses, and I take the pot and bust littlerobbie. Stack: 7110, chip leader again.

Level III (25/50): Nothing much interesting happens in this level. I win a few, lose a few. My brother does get moved to my table during this level.

Level IV (50/100): I raise to 400 from the button with TT, Arcon calls from the big blind. I make a weak bet on the 8T8 flop, but he folds. Damn. Next hand, I raise preflop again with T9s, Arcon calls again. I miss the flop, but raise his 400 bet to 1000. He calls. Oops. He bets the turn, and I fold. Stack: 5165.

Level V (75/150): First hand at this level. I limp UTG with 88. I see the flop with the blinds, my brother and SoxLover. 8J4, two spades. When will I learn to slowplay? SoxLover bets 300, I raise to 800, and they both fold. Stack: 5765

Level V (75/150): Here’s the big one. Donegal pushes all in for 1170 UTG. SoxLover raises to 4200, and I wake up with KK. I push in for 5990 total, and SoxLover calls the extra 1790. Donegal has A6s, SoxLover has QQ. One 6 comes out on the flop, but no more help for anyone, and I take it down. Stack: 13375.

Level V (75/150): I call a raise from SoxLover with 65s. Flop is 76J, check-check. He bets the 4 turn, and I call. 6 on the river, and he pushes. I call, and he shows K8s. I take it down and bust him. Stack: 16669.

Level V (75/150): A couple of hands later, Wil gets seated at my table. I raise his first blind, and he calls me a bully and folds. I show him my JJ.

LeveL VI (100/200): I get KK for the fourth time in the tournament, my first hand at a new table that includes Iggy and Derek. I raise, take down the pot, and show it. Stack: 16544.

Level VI (100/200): I get the hammer in the big blind. maximovies raises in early position, and I reraise to 1500. I get reraised more, and have to fold. Stack: 15744.

Level VII (100/200/25): I don’t win any big hands, and lose a bunch of chips. Stack: 14770.

Level VIII (200/400/25): I lose a race with 44 vs heffmike’s A6. Stack: 9644.

Level IX (300/600/50). My stack is getting short, 6104. I get TT in the big blind, and reraise heffmike all-in. He shows JJ. Oops. I flop a ten, and double up. Stack: 13058. This was the only time I got lucky when I had chips at risk. heffmike is crippled with 2598 left, but recovers nicely and makes the final table.

Level X (400/800/50): I win a few, lose a few, basically fold and steal my way to stay alive. Here’s my only other close call of the tournament, and it wasn’t really. I’m fairly shortstacked with 10708 chips. I have KQ on the button. There’s a push for 2289 before me, and then it folds to me. I opt to fold it instead of push the rest of my chips in. Lucky me, as both blinds wake up with AK, and they chop the pot vs the small stack’s 55 when the case king flops. Stack after the level: 8958.

Level XI (600/1200/75): Still folding and stealing, I bust Kevinho with AK vs AQ. Stack: 15891.

Level XII (1000/2000/100): Fold and steal. Bust Toby039 (who busted Wil, and has next week’s tournament name) with AK vs AQ. Stack 35714.

Level XIII (1500/3000/150): I fold and fold and fold. Iggy busts Pauly. Iggy busts maureen73 with back to back suckouts, and then heffmike the next hand when he wins a race. We get three handed. I push with K6o. Iggy calls with 83o? I double up when I flop my king.

Level XIV (2000/4000/200): A few hands later, he doubles me up again with my KT vs his T3. I win the next hand when I reraise with AQo, and then he doubles me up AGAIN when my ATo beats his 62o. This all happened so fast I couldn’t believe it. Stack: 133712.

Level XIV (2000/4000/200): I get us heads up when my J9s turns a jack to beat RAH2’s K7. I have a 6:1 chiplead.

Level XIV (2000/4000/200): We play a total of 6 hands heads up. I double him up with 22 vs TT. On the final hand, he calls from the button, and I check with J3. I bet 5000 at the 5K4 flop. Iggy raises 7000 more, and I call. The turn is the 6, making my flush. I check, and Iggy pushes. I call, and he flips 87o, no diamonds, for a straight, drawing dead. The river doesn’t matter, and I win!

I hope to see everyone tomorrow:

Saturdays with Dr. Pauly on PokerStars
Saturday 11.5.05 @ 1pm EST
$10 + 1 NL
Password is hiltons
Tournament #14338880 (check under Private Tournament Tab)

First place prize = Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book
Pauly’s bounty = $15 iTunes gift certificate

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Comment by AlCantHang
2005-11-05 06:56:21

Congrats! Very nice job.

Comment by StudioGlyphic
2005-11-05 13:14:10


Comment by Chad
2005-11-08 08:28:28

I was surprised that I was the only one holding an ace on that hand you took the chip lead with KK.

Looking back, I, uh, shouldn’t have pushed. ;D

Good job finishing it out.

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