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Wednesday, December 7, 2005
So much to say…

…and too lazy to type it all out.

I got my new receiver, and then promptly killed it in less than a day. Warranties are good. Before it broke, though, it’s speaker autosetup detected that two of my speakers were hooked up out of phase. Cool.

I have a desk and a makeshift monitor shelf. My house is actually almost clean.

I’ve been getting killed at the cash game at Stars. I seem to do fine anywhere else, but just can’t make money there, even though the play looks just as bad. People always just seem to catch their card on me. Two days ago, the money got in when I had top two pair back to back hands, and the idiots promptly hit their flush and straight cards respectively. Today, second nut flush on the turn, and a guy calls a ton to catch a four-outer with his two pair. I am paying them off too much when they hit, though. The only things I seem to do well at on Stars are the WWdN tourneys. One win, and four final tables at those. Just the right mix of reliable play and fish for my liking.

Vegas! I leave in less than 48 hours. Things I want to do: Tournament at the IP, of course. Gracie’s geeky thing to do. We must drag Wil along. Storm the Castle. Play lots of poker. Bowl with bloggers.

Preparing for that, I got myself a nice smaller bowling bag that only holds two bowling balls. I still have to check it on the plane, but at least it’s lighter and easier. I also got a new ball. I’d seen a few people use it, and only throw great games. It’s called The One. I used someone else’s last night, and like the way it moved, so I bought one today and had it drilled. I then threw my highest ever four game series with it, in my first four games. 247-185-255-268 for a 955. Unbelievable. All prop bets we make regarding bowling have to be on me. 🙂

I think that’s it. I have to get back to cleaning. I said it’s almost clean.

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Comment by drizztdj
2005-12-07 09:01:03

Nice bowling ball! Do you throw huge hook? If so, I might be picking one of these balls up myself (if I leave sin city with any money…)

Comment by alan
2005-12-07 14:18:51

I have a decent hook, but not huge. This ball goes long and has a lot of backend… with my old one, on heavily oiled lanes, I had to slow the ball down to get the reaction I wanted. With this ball, I can let my arm swing naturally and it’ll move how I want it to. Of course, it’ll probably react too much on dry lanes.

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