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Tuesday, March 7, 2006
Television Dreams of Tomorrow

I haven’t been playing any online poker lately. My internet connection has been dropping out a lot, and isn’t reliable enough to do anything. The cable guy was finally here this morning, and after checking everything out, and seeing that the signal levels were strong, and replacing the modem, it still happened. While he was here, he got a call from someone else on my street who had the same problem. Obviously, there’s something wrong with the line going to both of our houses.

Saturday afternoon, I bowled in the Santa Barbara City Tournament. I did reasonably well, but not enough to make any money. I shot 1807 over 9 games, so I’m plenty happy with that. I also somehow picked up the 4-6 split. It was awesome. I had picked it up once before, probably about 10 years ago. I got the ball to the right of the 6, and it just tipped over and then bounced into the 4. Makes the whole thing worth it.

As for poker, I played at Chumash on Saturday night. More card dead than I’ve been in a long time. I lost my first buyin with AQ vs AT, when he turned two pair. My second buyin I went from $200 to $65 basically just posting blinds and folding. The few decent hands I did get (AQs, AJs) I had to fold preflop to lots of action. With $65 left, I called a raise to $20 in the big blind with A7s. I pushed my last $45 in on the AA5 flop. Two callers. They got all in on the 8 turn, and I figured I was beat. Taking lessons from CJ, I said I had three outs for a win, and three for a chop, and called for my 7 to hit the river.

And there it was. They had AK and 55. With the other people who were in the pot preflop, I almost quadrupled up. I had already said it was my last orbit, so I folded the rest of it, and took my $255 (from $380 in buyins) and left. I used $220 of that to buy into the 700 person tournament they’re having this coming Saturday.

Sunday night, I drove down to LA to play at The Bike with Byron. I only was really involved in one pot with him, and it ended when I folded my AQs to his reraise preflop. He had KK. There was one interesting hand I played with someone else. I limped with 76s, and saw a $5 flop of 663, two diamonds. Checked to me, I bet $20, and the big blind check-raised $40 more. I thought for a while, and just called. The turn was a nice looking 7. The big blind led out for $60, and I just called. The river was the 5. He bet, I pushed, and he called. I flipped up my cards, and said if he had the 4 he was good.

He turned over 76s for a chop.

I finished the night up $90, making back almost what I lost at Chumash. Byron finished ahead a little bit, but not too much.

I need my internet connection to be reliable again. I really want to play the FTP online tournaments again, dammit.

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Comment by tripfours
2006-03-09 08:32:59

Was it a Singles, Doubles, Team event and all 9 games were in one afternoon? Or some other format?

Comment by alan
2006-03-10 15:49:31

It was a standard singles, doubles, and team event tournament. I actually bowled in the team event the week before, and only the singles and doubles that day.

Comment by tripfours
2006-03-11 05:17:50

I see, that’s what I would’ve guessed but you never know how other districts do it. Our city tournament has a pretty small turn out any more, which is a shame, I really liked bowling in it (and state).

Comment by Puto
2006-09-17 18:00:46

chivatos de mierda

Comment by Puto el ke lo lea
2006-09-27 12:41:36

porfin no borran mi mensaje 😀 gracias gilipollas

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