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Thursday, April 27, 2006
Signs Misleading to Nowhere

I don’t know how you people do it. Many of the blogs I read have deeply personal stuff that I couldn’t imagine publishing. Mine is pretty much limited to poker, bowling, baseball, and a few other random things – though I’ve been lightly researching on how to publish a children’s book, potentially. Honestly, I very rarely feel the need to write something personal, but the few times I do, I don’t do it anyway. I have a post that I’ve written in my head now at least a dozen times, but every time I try to actually get it down on virtual paper, it just doesn’t happen. I sit there for a few minutes, and then give up and go do something else. Even if I could write it, I doubt I’d get myself to publish it. That I’m even writing about the fact that I can’t write the posts I want surprises me.

Instead of writing it the most recent time, I went and changed the sidebars on my blog to WordPress Widgets. It’s a pretty cool plugin, and makes changing the contents of the sidebars pretty simple. Unfortunately, my layout is different enough from standard ones that I still can’t just drop in new widgets and use them without a little hacking, but it’s pretty much the same changes I need to make to each one, and they’re pretty easy. While I was at it, I added the cool little +/- buttons on each widget so you can collapse and expand each one. The main reason for that was so I can default the poker blogs section to be minimized and actually use that sidebar for other useful things. The last thing I need to do before I’ll consider it done is make it use cookies to remember which boxes are expanded and collapsed on a computer so it’ll always look the same when you come back.

Wasn’t that last paragraph about cool new features on my blog more interesting than my personal issues that no one really cares about? I thought so.

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Comment by Wes
2006-04-27 23:29:56

Infinately more interesting.

Comment by remington012
2006-04-27 23:52:46

To get the proportions right, it seems like it’s _mostly_ poker, with a little bowling and baseball tossed in.

To answer your question, how will we know whether your personal issues are more interesting than poker stories if you never post them?

Comment by Easycure
2006-04-28 06:32:24

Widgets? Crap! I have no idea what you’re talking about!

Oh, and I want you to know. I have a plate for you on my blogroll. I hope you like it. It’s been a long time coming.

Comment by logtar
2006-04-28 07:49:05

I dissagre,

I can find that information about widgets anywhere else… but what makes a blog like this interesting is the personal touch, the way that you view those topics that otherwise would be like reading books. While releasing personal information is a topic that not a lot of people are easy dealing with, just sharing your point of view on a subject can be extremely personal…

Comment by April
2006-04-28 12:56:32

Write whatever you want – we’ll read. 🙂

Comment by shane
2006-04-29 17:00:07

Posting personal crap can be kind of liberating. Or at least, I’ve heard that.

2006-05-01 11:15:56

Alan, I generally don’t post much personal stuff either in my blog. I agree with the earlier comment that the “personal touch” helps to make one blog more interesting than another. But I don’t think that needs to include personal information about the blogger. Rather, I think certain bloggers’ writing style, post style and/or choice of topics is what make one blog interesting to some people, and another to others.

Comment by drizztdj
2006-05-02 12:08:27

You could talk about being bored. 😀

Comment by biggestron
2006-05-02 12:23:07

Biggestron is bored by that comment 😉

Comment by Glucometer
2007-06-08 05:10:42

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