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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Glavine gets squeezed because they don’t want to give him “the Glavine strike zone,” and then Wainwright gets everything within 6 inches of the plate. Fuck Jeff Kellogg.

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Comment by CJ
2006-10-18 08:37:20

Come on now… don’t blame the strike zone. Someone still has to swing a bat and hit a pitch.

Comment by alan
2006-10-18 10:16:57

There’s a reason pitches are called strikes… because it’s possible to hit them. Balls are ones that in general wouldn’t be close to hittable. When balls are called strikes (yes, like Glavine often gets) it makes it much more difficult to hit. Especially when you’re called out on “strikes” on pitches that aren’t.

It’s also hard to get people out when you’re throwing strikes that aren’t called that way, too.

As long as the umpire is consistent for both teams, any strike zone is fine. When he’s squeezing one team, and giving the other a wide strike zone, it makes it very very hard to win.

Comment by Drizztdj
2006-10-18 11:59:46

Being a former pitcher and neutral on “sides”, the strike zone did seem to vary between the two teams.

Valentin’s called strike in the 8th comes to mind.

Comment by Brad
2006-10-18 13:05:23

The pitch that Valentin was called out on was a strike, and even if it wasn’t, it was too close to take. Throw the bat out there, foul it off, and get a better pitch next time. Anyway, the strike that I’m pissed about is the one two pitches before Pujols homered. Glavine had him struck out looking, but it wasn’t called. If the Mets get outta that inning 2-0 in stead of 2-2, it shuts the crowd up and it’s a very different ballgame from there. I agree, fuck Jeff Kellogg.

And while I’m at it, fuck FOX, Tim McCarver and Joe Buck, too. I know the two of them are FOX’s #1 team, but are there any two guys in baseball broadcasting who are more Cardinal homers than the two of them? Add to that McCarver’s hatred for the Mets, and it’s the perfect broadcast crew… for a St. Louis local station, not a national broadcast. Fuck FOX.

Comment by CJ
2006-10-18 14:12:31

Umps generally don’t change games. Did the umps cost the Mets the other two games they lost? I just don’t buy it. It’s always easier to blame the umps/refs/officials when your team loses than to face reality.

Comment by alan
2006-10-18 15:01:50

Obviously, the Mets should have hit. And no, the umps didn’t cost the Mets the other two games (that was Shawn Green/Scott Spiezio). But it’s hard to hit when you’re down 0-1 instead of up 1-0 on every count on an unhittable pitch inside off the plate. Still, the Mets should be hitting better. It’s JEFF FUCKING WEAVER.

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