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Thursday, February 8, 2007
Long Overdue Post

I have no excuse for why I haven’t really posted anything here for a while. As usual, a bunch of stuff to say, no motivation to do it.

First, I have started off my BlackBerry programming with two applications for the Pearl: AutoLock, which automatically activates the keyguard when the display idle timer kicks in to turn off the screen, and SoftReset which simply provides an easy way to reset the device without requiring a battery pull. They’re both free (but I take donations!) and can be found here: BlackBerry Software. Now that I’ve got things figured out, I’m definitely going to get started on some poker results tracking software soon.

Second… I have soft water at home! It rules. No more calcium deposits in the shower, in the sink, on the dishes, and shaving is soooo much more comfortable. Photoblog image here.

Third: 6 days until Pitchers and Molinas (er.. catchers)! 8 days before the Mets staff has to report.

Enough with the counting. Bowling has continued to go fairly well for me this year, though I did have a few off nights (503 over three games, 701 over four games), last night I had another good series:

X   X   X   X   819/9/X   6/XX9
9/8/X   X   X   X   X   X   7/8/X
X   X   X   X   X   X   9/9/9/9/8
Series: 711   Average: 237.0

Two months, two 700s. I’ll take that. Still looking for another honor score (298, 299, 300, 800, or 11 in a row), though. Also, had this a few weeks ago:

8/X   X   9/9/X   X   9/9/9/9
X   9/9/8/81X   9/X   X   X9-
X   X   X   X   X   X   7/X   7/X9/
X   X   X   X   9/X   X   X   8/7/9
Series: 906   Average: 226.5

I don’t often throw 900 over four games, though I’m sure I’ve done it a few times in the past. Very happy about it. The Palm Z22 is holding up very well for recording my bowling scores with Frames. The lower resolution doesn’t bother me at all for what I’m using it for, and the battery life is terrific. This week I plugged it in for the first time since I started using it at the bowling alley. That’s almost a month without a recharge.

I want an LED mooninite. I may have to resort to making my own. Might be fun. I’ll leave off with this video of a government agency trying to track down the mooninite terrorists:

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Comment by Drizztdj
2007-02-13 14:45:55

Bowling on the Wii doesn’t count sir. 🙂

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