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Tuesday, June 5, 2007
Bird Photography

Wow, a month since my last post. I’ve been slacking.

Most of my free time these days is taken up by photography. Most of that time has been spent at Goleta Beach Park, shooting birds in the Goleta Slough. I got a new lens (300mm f/4L IS) about a month and a half ago, along with the 1.4x extender, and have been having a great time with them. Since last Sunday, I was out there 5 days, for a total of probably around 18 hours. I can sit out there all day with my camera.

The pictures will (slowly) make it up to my gallery and flickr. Choosing the ones I like best, processing them in Lightroom, and dealing with tagging and other stuff makes it very time consuming.

Great Egret in Motion
Feeding Time
Brown Pelican Diving

I also got another cool toy for my camera: Sony GPS-CS1. I have it attached to my camera strap, and turn it on when I go out shooting. It logs my location every 15 seconds. Then, when I copy the images to my computer, Downloader Pro automatically syncs up the times of the images with the data from the GPS, and tags the images with locations. When I upload to flickr, it automatically uses that information and shows the location, with a “View Map” button to see where it was taken. It’s a fun little toy.

Tomorrow night, I head out to Vegas until Monday, and my camera isn’t coming with me. To any poker bloggers going, see you there!

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Comment by MrsVeteran
2007-06-06 06:12:46

Jesus, man, those are fabulous. I mean, PRO quality. Gads. You should put them up on iStockPhoto or one of the other such sites and try to get a few bucks for them.

Or … have you always been a professional photographer and I’m just too dense to have noticed?

You should see what EVD thinks of those. I think they’re amazing, but him being a serious photog, he can give awesome technical feedback.

Very nice.

Comment by betty
2007-06-06 13:30:57

1. I have complete camera envy! Lovely photos
2. I grew up in Santa Barbara (Goleta, really) and you make that slouth look almost pretty!

Comment by alan
2007-06-06 15:56:36

Thanks! At some point, I’m going to start trying to sell a few. I think my initial attempt will be trying to sell some of the motion blurred birds as canvas prints. I need to get one for myself first, and see how they look, though. Want to take some more to have some to choose from before I do it.

I’m not a professional, but my father is a very serious amateur, and my brother is a pro. He shoots for a newspaper in NJ.

Comment by alan
2007-06-06 16:20:46

Thanks! I love the slough! I really can just sit out there all day…

Comment by Alan's Brother
2007-06-07 01:17:34

Hey! I’m the only photo dork allowed in the family! What the duck, man? (Heh, nice shots… I also like the shot you have on Flickr of the surfer that I hadn’t seen yet. Nice!)

Comment by EVD
2007-06-13 07:16:49

Yeah, these are great shots! Wonderful timing. I’m guessing you’d have a tough time selling them though. The amateur market is getting extremely crowded. More and more people seem to think, “I can do that… if I wanted to.” I think putting some of the blurred ones on canvas is a great idea and probably your best chance at making a sale, but I haven’t been in the scene for quite a while. It’s great that you have such good go-tos in the family.

Comment by alan
2007-06-13 11:12:42


I don’t really expect to make much money selling them, but with the way most online photo sites are set up these days, it doesn’t really cost me much to try. When I have some time, I’ll probably set up some galleries at SmugMug or similar to do that.

Comment by gpqxfocwx
2012-01-28 07:36:07

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