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They are just … so damn bad. (1)
The collapse has officially started. That is all. (2)
I told myself I’d never do it, but I have sadly jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. Dammit. (0) is now showing EVERY game as blacked out in my location, regardless of where the game is. They need to fix their damn system, or just get rid of the damn blackouts so this stuff isn’t necessary. (0)
Weird. has all of a sudden started working on my Linux machine at work. I guess I can now watch the Mets lose all the time, instead of just following the gamecasts. (0)
Is it too early to stop paying attention to baseball? meh. (0)
It’s not even ten minutes after the game was supposed to start, and tonight’s Mets/Yanks game is already postponed due to rain. Stupid weather. (0)
Dammit. I think I’m really starting to want a new lens: Canon EF-S 10-22mm. I want to take wider angle shots than my 40D small sensor can handle. (0)
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