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During this 1308-day reporting period, a total of 330 different nicks were represented on #wpbt.

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Most active nicks
 NickNumber of linesWhen?Last seenRandom quote
1 metsfan131797457462757256654yesterday"except apparently, whether or not they will hire me."
2 TXApril60369127391011136127156 days ago"dammit... didn't we just delete the messages on the Pearl?"
3 maigrey390093371423010356210524 days ago"horse in 4 min, i guess i poke"
4 Easycure3629577452754493220864117 days ago"F-Train, so what do you weigh these days?"
5 brdweb3369132769379204694 days ago"you might be able to figure out a way to do it"
6 wwonka3330719192086928920013349 days ago"thats right your in arizona"
7 HRKing2753002713191349388923470454 days ago"I got my drink on Saturday and Sunday nights"
8 penneriii2911631381254879315931318 days ago"but I thought the time off would be good..."
9 Absinthe_281861471339819271164 days ago"you can make great money at .50/1"
10 biggestro233146883591262513215358 days ago"yeah - the keeper rules were a bit obscure to me"
11 facty2073315802838542610889392 days ago"they are both just how you think they will be"
12 JoeSpeaker20076717512458412 days ago"or QQ or JJ. Hard to believe he'd pot it with AA or KK"
13 shanenick19024741278839966828220 days ago"ok, well email me a size and address and I'll see what I can do"
14 garthski171032943708254110911452 days ago"No, it's actually a kevlar lines cup"
15 Up4Poker164941380461345011203625 days ago"from here on out, it's Wayne vs. Graham"
16 Mourn138414261765439572551068 days ago"i kept meaning to go back and press the do not press button"
17 helixx1337940612991716995887 days ago"just can't fade the amount of knowledge i'd need to get started"
18 pokerpeak1140348126591194 days ago"I've only seen him four times in 9 years"
19 pokrgnome1078765296293513today"hi. just watched last eps of "dollhouse.""
20 F-Train970616964907490248 days ago"we're going to rent a condo for the 2 months, It hink"
21 Luckbox9511550603237959791003 days ago"I think I got some luck back..."
22 Joanada9466282016494821829 days ago"oh I thought you meant me lol"
23 wil9388105114366672701 days ago"but that's okay. now i can go play a boardgame with my family"
24 PokerGeek899148808823134124 days ago"I'm paid purely in poker lessons"
25 ScottMCM892930048314989751 days ago"what is up tonight on the tournament front?"
26 Zeem84212337778510717 days ago"not at the moment, no tv in here"
27 peacecorn836137112946636521 days ago"(hopefully they are NICE guys)"
28 shane_8324307421517233312477 days ago"I can't wait to get my 100 dollar apple credit"
29 Jim_8256203521020583953811 days ago"1st five were all solid at least"
30 Good4381161477255636014 days ago"My parents fly out to Vegas tomorrow and are staying at the MGM"
31 on_thg608818227311834450643 days ago"zebras are awesome. dumb, yes, but awesome."
32 Pokerama537410043863896205 days ago"I should really learn how to play poker at some point."
33 S_t_B528911341573923118 days ago"i have only gotten one so far"
34 txApril_521123364972347201 days ago"and wants to know why we don't do it on a week night"
35 MeeksPBR517643718552795764 days ago"That's better than a "boot to the head""
36 Drizztdj51284698418348 days ago"you'd suggest the 41K one then?"
37 falstaff50072191869483654607 days ago"I have a legitimate freain' hand and he FOLDS"
38 trumpjosh476113434119542053581 days ago"email me when you get to town, i'll meet you there"
39 Magik464773387117611282635 days ago"you never played FT via wine?"
40 chrisdhal45362438189320577 days ago"he is also probably trying to drum up some business"
41 Change10044537059762693487 days ago"yeah could you have more outs there?"
42 BG440410882439828935 days ago"sloe, you've gotta knock that swede outta there"
43 glyphic353812661032391930521 days ago"I think that might really work out for ya, April."
44 columbo32012552926475 days ago"byron, top 1/2 get points?"
45 ScottMc32001664831453286 days ago"you no love the ScottMC???:("
46 Xenn0r3165838103910131428 days ago"someone scared pokerama away"
47 Aeguvas31602731642962427257 days ago"http://thesuperficial.com/image.php?path=/2007/01/05/jessica-alba"
48 HugeJunk28065089691288613 days ago"shouldn't matter Facty, you'd be selling it."
49 Sloejack_25821233296881442937 days ago"i got the 2 GB one, cost me $90"
50 BoobieLov24094495731333560 days ago"i'll make sure more derogatory terms are used next time"
51 GameC2401560176377 days ago"Lots of abbreviations there."
52 AlCanHang23791081302940674 days ago"needs more sexual references"
53 NegativEV195028544512081128 days ago"where you can ask to see cards?"
54 pokerwolf1879533221494497 days ago"Those are acutally pretty soft"
55 PokerNerd17781627740611331002 days ago"i didn't shove, how about that?"
56 Dark-176647057393846823 days ago"he is the softball version of Reyes!"
57 txApril__154983076643329 days ago"or else you're looking at Henderson"
58 sloshr1459497123810332 days ago"110 degrees in vegas during monsoon week"
59 EZ-Gigli142026089155916777 days ago"art degree = life of self-inspection coupled with no cash"
60 fhwrdh13362882747661144 days ago"perhaps a surge scribbled the settings?"
61 dpnchr12442747892800757 days ago"gonna have to miss this one"
62 DarkAnjel118514538372630839 days ago"people are giving away money"
63 BWoP1161620541454 days ago"i am going to fire down IRC"
64 CaApril107433076668236 days ago"We just lost our first player in my SNG...took forever!"
65 _iggy10477590201681357 days ago"i can't decide if i like the show californication or not"
66 BadBlood980583116031102 days ago"any1 know wtf the berman charts in SS mean?"
67 smarkus8757455364382402 days ago"and a gold jersey to the winner!"
68 Byron_80138272347421 days ago"cause the HD tivo is a rip off"
69 SetAces771221572372561050 days ago"anyone have any advice for the early stages of a 2k+ (ppl) tourne"
70 katitude7615290615403 days ago"so boys, we having fun yet?"
71 April98734237993981040 days ago"yeah, the other one is in Texas"
72 S_t_B_7224693572792 days ago"uh...yeah...but I ain't that smart"
73 phlyersph72054543392731124 days ago"brb trying to get chatzilla working"
74 Yosoyvene71246642203969 days ago"signed escrow papers today"
75 Zeem_65712624507211 days ago"i'll gladly pay thouhg i don't make what i used to online"
76 Katitude6353216587497 days ago"only 2 players since I fucked up the password"
77 England610106504648 days ago"Just go their latest album"
78 SnailTrax558144401981 days ago"kobe beef on iron chef. sickness."
79 dnkypnchr521123398452 days ago"i thought conan made it up"
80 _S_t_b_505742255354738 days ago"watching David Grey play poker is like watching paint dry"

These didn't make it to the top:
StarkRG (487) bettyunde (484) tnspcman (479) Drizz_ (468) slaphappy (466)
Up4Poker_ (425) G-Rob (400) avoque (392) Cynna (375) rachelkat (350)
EvieMarie (340) Chaswell (328) Garthmeis (306) DrJubal (299) texas72 (294)
Veneno (292) guppy (285) fathom (269) Ankhorahi (256) hecatelun (255)
tarix (253) shyam (242) DrPauly (236) _Easycure (234) slb159 (231)
shane__ (229) chas_zzzz (228) StatikKli (227) Joanada_ (225) Jaxia_ (219)

By the way, there were 220 other nicks.

Big numbers
Is SnailTrax stupid or just asking too many questions? 20.4% lines contained a question!
SetAces didn't know that much either. 20.4% of his/her lines were questions.
The loudest one was SnailTrax, who yelled 19.5% of the time!
Another old yeller was facty, who shouted 16.2% of the time!
It seems that bettyunde's shift-key is hanging: 5.3% of the time he/she wrote UPPERCASE.
For example, like this:
     <bettyunde> MAYBE

G-Rob just forgot to deactivate his/her Caps-Lock. He/She wrote UPPERCASE 5.2% of the time.
brdweb is a very aggressive person. He/She attacked others 20 times.
For example, like this:
     * brdweb smacks april on the arse

_iggy can't control his/her aggressions, either. He/She picked on others 19 times.
Poor helixx, nobody likes him/her. He/She was attacked 13 times.
For example, like this:
     * fathom smacks helixx around

TXApril seems to be unliked too. He/She got beaten 11 times.
chrisdhal brings happiness to the world. 10.2% lines contained smiling faces. :)
phlyersph isn't a sad person either, smiling 9.0% of the time.
DarkAnjel seems to be sad at the moment: 2.1% lines contained sad faces. :(
Dark- is also a sad person, crying 1.8% of the time.
Cynna wrote the longest lines, averaging 43.2 letters per line.
#wpbt average was 26.9 letters per line.
Yosoyvene wrote the shortest lines, averaging 15.3 characters per line.
shanenick was tight-lipped, too, averaging 16.4 characters.
metsfan spoke a total of 761757 words!
metsfan's faithful follower, TXApril, didn't speak so much: 311167 words.
chaswell- wrote an average of 15.00 words per line.
Channel average was 5.48 words per line.

Most used words
 Word Number of Uses Last Used by
1 there 13711 metsfan
2 think 13059 metsfan
3 about 10205 pokrgnome
4 right 8330 Shane_
5 going 8178 TXApril
6 would 7924 Zeem
7 still 7265 brdweb
8 really 7161 metsfan
9 playing 7126 pokrgnome
10 table 7124 metsfan

Most referenced nicks
 Nick Number of Uses Last Used by
1 TXApril 2723 biggestro
2 facty 1825 wwonka
3 shanenick 1634 Pokerama
4 wil 1364 pokerpeak
5 helixx 901 Nickerson

Most referenced URLs
 URL Number of Uses Last Used by
1 http://shoutcast.malor.com:8018/djmiggy.m3u 63 Aeguvas
2 http://shoutcast.malor.com:8018/djhelixx 41 helixx
3 http://www.yahoo.com 22 Good43
4 http://www.geekandproud.net/wpbt/ 18 pokrgnome
5 http://www.woot.com/ 16 metsfan

Other interesting numbers
maigrey wasn't very popular, getting kicked 84 times!
For example, like this:
     *** maigs was kicked by metsfan_ (maigs)

shanenick seemed to be hated too: 83 kicks were received.
maigrey is either insane or just a fair op, kicking a total of 288 people!
maigrey's faithful follower, metsfan, kicked about 180 people.
__hammer7 donated 8532 ops in the channel...
_hammer72 was also very polite: 8109 ops from him/her.
metsfan is the channel sheriff with 56 deops.
penneriii deoped 33 users.
metsfan always lets us know what he/she's doing: 5197 actions!
For example, like this:
     * metsfan yawns

Also, TXApril tells us what's up with 2168 actions.
metsfan talks to him/herself a lot. He/She wrote over 5 lines in a row 1260 times!
Another lonely one was brdweb, who managed to hit 479 times.
metsfan couldn't decide whether to stay or go. 1626 joins during this reporting period!
SnailTrax has quite a potty mouth. 1.2% words were foul language.
drizztdj also makes sailors blush, 0.9% of the time.

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scout315: an inspiration to us all 158 days ago at 10:37 by pokrgnome
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Total number of lines: 901520.

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