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Thursday, October 19, 2006
Liveblogging NLCS: Game 7

5:24 PM: I don’t know if I’m going to be able to watch the whole game, as I may have to go play softball. Perez is off to a good start, should be out of the inning if not for an error by Delgado. Gets Encarnacion to pop out to Green to end the inning.

5:26 PM: Unfortunately, for some reason my regular Fox is working fine, but Fox HD is just a blank screen. At least I can still watch. I think I’m gonna skip softball no matter what happens.

5:34 PM: Carlos Beltran with a double. There goes Rob Neyer’s “double no-hitter” prediction.

5:37 PM: Delgado walks, time for David Wright to start his Damon-like game 7.

5:38 PM: Wright hits a little flare to just the right place! Beltran scores, 1-0 Mets!

5:40 PM: Green was right on the pitch, but lined out right to Rolen.

5:41 PM: Fox HD is back!

5:43 PM: Edmonds gets the Cardinals first hit, a leadoff single on the first pitch in the 2nd.

5:44 PM: Rolen pops up the second pitch to Beltran, one out.

5:46 PM: Perez is throwing strikes out there, 0-2 count on Molina. Good pitch, but he flares it into left field. Edmonds goes first to third.

5:48 PM: Belliard puts down a safety squeeze bunt, 1-1 game.

5:50 PM: Suppan strikes out looking. Inning over.

5:54 PM: Valentin pops up for the first out of the bottom of the 2nd.

5:56 PM: Endy Chavez grounds out to first, and then Oliver Perez lines it right at the left fielder. Mets go down 1-2-3.

6:01 PM: Eckstein leads off the third with a double. Time to get the bullpen going.

6:03 PM: Strikeout swinging for Preston Wilson. One out.

6:04 PM: Intentional walk to Albert Pujols, first and second, one out.

6:07 PM: Encarnacion grounds into a double play! Inning over.

6:11 PM: Reyes and Lo Duca go quickly in the third. Beltran up. And Beltran out, on a pop up.

6:17 PM: Edmonds flies out to Chavez on an 0-2 pitch to start the fourth.

6:20 PM: After two loooooooong foul balls, Rolen fouls out to Wright at third. My brother just pointed out that this liveblog could very well be illegal. Accounts and descriptions of this game may not be disseminated without the express written consent of Major League Baseball. Oops.

6:22 PM: Molina flies out to Shawn Green, that’s the inning.

6:28 PM: Delgado walks to leadoff the bottom of the inning.

6:30 PM: Wright grounded into a FC, he’s at first with one out. Shawn Green at the plate.

6:32 PM: Green strikes out on a changeup. Valentin coming to the plate.

6:36 PM: Weird. Valentin was HBP… after the ball hit the ground and bounced up into his face. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. First and second, two down. Endy Chavez at the plate. And he pops out, to end the inning.

6:40 PM: Dammit, Belliard leads off with a basehit. Suppan makes a perfect bunt to move him to second.

6:44 PM: Chavez almost makes a great catch on a foul ball, and David Eckstein gets HBP on the next pitch.

6:45 PM: Preston Wilson strikes out for the third time tonight! Albert Pujols up with two on, two down.


6:51 PM: Perez again lines out hard to left, to lead off the bottom of the 5th. Looks like he’s coming in for the 6th.

6:52 PM: COME ON! IT’S JEFF FUCKING SUPPAN! Reyes pops out.

6:55 PM: Lo Duca just misses one, and flies out to the track. Wilson and Edmonds collide as Wilson makes the catch.


6:59 PM: Encarnacion grounds out to third to start the 6th.

7:03 PM: Edmonds finally works out a walk against Perez after a good AB.

7:05 PM: HOLY SHIT! Randolph leaves Perez in there, who promptly serves up what shoulda been a homer to Rolen. Endy Chavez brought it back, and turned it into a double play, getting Edmonds out at first! Web Gem of the YEAR!

7:09 PM: Beltran grounds out to Suppan for the first out in the 6th.

7:12 PM: Delgado takes his third walk of the game. Wright up.

7:14 PM: Wright grounds to Rolen, who airmails the ball over first. Second and third, one out. That non-homerun must still be in his mind. Shawn Green is getting an intentional walk to get to Jose Valentin.

7:20 PM: Valentin strikes out with the bases loaded. Now two down, and they need a hit. Endy Chavez coming up. And pops up the first pitch. ARGH!!!

7:28 PM: Molina having a good AB against Bradford, finally flies out to Endy in left.

7:29 PM: Belliard grounds out to second, on a nice play by Valentin.

7:30 PM: Suppan grounds out to Reyes to end the inning. He was running it out, and Reyes didn’t put much on the throw, but barely got him.

7:36 PM: Michael Tucker, pinch hitting for Bradford, fouled a ball off his foot. He’s finally back in the box after walking it off for a long time.

7:38 PM: Tucker finally flies out to center. One out, bases empty for JOSE JOSE.

7:40 PM: Reyes grounds out hard to Pujols.

7:41 PM: Lo Duca grounds out to Eckstein. We go to the 8th, still tied at 1.

7:45 PM: Heilman gets Eckstein to ground out to first to lead off the game.


7:49 PM: Spiezio strikes out looking, and he knew it. Two down for Pujols. Pujols “unintentionally” walked, Encarnacion up.

7:51 PM: Dammit, my Fox HD is looking like a weak signal, getting all choppy. 0-2 on Encarnacion.

7:53 PM: Got him swinging! Bottom of the 8th, coming up.

7:57 PM: Leadoff walk to Beltran! The big man, Delgado, coming up.

8:06 PM: Delgado strikes out swinging, dammit.

8:10 PM: Fuck. Wright was walked, but the 3-1 pitch was called a strike. Wright strikes out on the next pitch. Shawn Green coming up.

8:11 PM: Fuck. Green grounds out HARD to Pujols. I think Billy Wagner is coming in in a tie game. Not good.

8:15 PM: Heilman still in, strikes out Edmonds to start the 9th.

8:19 PM: Rolen shoulda been struck out on a pitch closer to the strike zone than the strike two call to Wright, and finally gets a single.

8:21 PM: FUCK. Yadier Molina! with a two run homer. 3-1 Cards. Belliard follows with a groundout.

8:24 PM: Rodriguez grounds out, Wainwright coming in for the bottom of the Mets lineup.

8:29 PM: Valentin with the Mets first hit since the first inning. Endy Chavez up.

8:31 PM: Basehit Chavez! Cliff Floyd up for his bad-leg Kirk Gibson moment!

8:35 PM: Fuck, struck him out looking with a breaking ball. Reyes coming up, one out.

8:38 PM: Reyes was RIGHT ON IT, but lined it right at Edmonds.

8:41 PM: Lo Duca walks, Cardinal killer Carlos Beltran up with the bases loaded and two down.

8:57 PM: FUCK.

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Comment by Donovan
2006-10-19 19:33:34

OK Endy Chavez#1 GOLD GLOVE Shit thats great

Comment by CJ
2006-10-19 20:26:44

What’s up with no Billy Wagner.

Tie game in the 9th is closer territory for a home team. Why pay him all that money if he’s NOT going to pitch in the top of the 9th in the tied 7th game?!?! When did they plan on bringing him in? There is no save situation in a time game in the 9th for the home team. What a terrible mistake by Willie.

Still time. Wainwright is NO sure thing!!!!!!

Comment by CJ
2006-10-19 20:49:14

damn, sorry man 🙁 Would rather have seen the Mets there… so I could root against them in the Series! Not a Scott Rolen fan at all!

Comment by Brad
2006-10-19 21:45:33


Comment by Rob
2006-10-19 22:06:56


Comment by Jonathan
2006-10-19 23:58:19


Comment by ToddCommish
2006-10-20 11:30:29

#3 hitter should NEVER take a third strike, especially with the bags full…, especially down by 2…, ESPECIALLY IN THE NINTH INNING, GAME SEVEN, NLCS!

Congratulations, Carlos, for the Deer-in-the-Headlights moment of the decade!

Comment by Drizztdj
2006-10-23 11:58:06


Great minds think alike. Its sad that I watch the WS on mute.

Comment by todd
2007-02-11 14:29:45

God loves the good guys.If you met fans could clean up your mouth & your city, maybe God would Bless the mets also.respectfully,todd, a cardinals fan.

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