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Thursday, June 21, 2007
Poker? Online? What?

I played some online poker again today, for the first time in who knows how long. [Note: Not counting the final WWDN where I Gigli’d on the first hand with bottom two pair vs middle set, but had to bust quickly to go bowling anyway.]

Played some $25NL at FTP. Sat at the FullTiltForum.com table, though there was no chat going on and I don’t know if anyone from the forum was actually playing there at the time. I met a few people from there on the Vegas trip, in the MGM mixed game and then again in the crazy mixed game at the IP. It’s a shame Doyle’s Room doesn’t take US players anymore. I want to play badugi, dammit!

First online session back result: +$18.90, 20 minutes.

I might start playing some more again.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Vegas Recap

Quick overview, because I’m lazy.

Normal cash games: +961
Blogger mixed games: -104
Blogger tourney: -80
Caesers tourney: -200
Pai Gow: -81
Bowling bets: -3 🙂
Gambling net: +493

Bowling: 225, 185 for a 205 average.

Most expensive meal: Steak at Fiamma, MGM, $50. Worth it.
Least expensive meal: 2 hot dogs and shake at Burger Palace, IP, $12. Also worth it.

Best spent money: 20 minute back massage in Caesers poker room, $45
Worst spent money: …can’t think of a thing. Maybe Jon’s chili cheese dog at Caesers.

Biggest pot: $1200ish, Bellagio 2-5 NL

Tons of fun all week. I’ll probably try to do some actual writeup sometime, get bored, and give up. I suck as a blogger. 🙂

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Thursday, March 15, 2007
Routines that Lead to Nowhere

Last weekend, I actually went back to Chumash to play some poker, and made some money. Did I write up a nice report? Of course not. Not that there’s much to write besides boring some hand histories, and how nice it is to have music (on my Pearl) at places I don’t bring my iPod. I played 5/10 NL ($300-$500), thinking it was 3/5 NL (but still $300-$500) when I sat down, but staying anyway. Was up almost $700 at one point (photoblog image), but finished up $405. I really need to get back into the habit of actually going there from time to time.

I’ve been messing around with the data that comes out of Frames, which has basically every game I’ve bowled for over two years now. Early results are here, which at the moment just has every series listed, but eventually I want to make it filterable/sortable/searchable. With cool charts and pocket/spare/pinfall details. Why? Why not. This week wasn’t quite as good as last week, but still solid with an 855 (4), 613, and 611 series.

I’ve been playing MLB2K7 on the Xbox 360 a lot lately. It’s a fun game, and has me more than ready for baseball season to actually start again. Last night, I played my first few games online, against Ryan. He hasn’t played much, and the hitting takes a lot of getting used to. I beat him the first game, but he won the second. In my defense, I played the second game as the Royals. Mets (road) opener: 18 days!

I got an R4DS for my DS Lite. It’s nice. Now, I have all 8 games that I own on a single (free after rebate!) 1GB MicroSD card. Sadly, I had to resort to downloading the ROMs from eDonkey, because I have no way to get them off of the DS game cards, and I lost my save games, but it’s worth it. Combined with the BSE skin, I just throw the DS in my bag, and don’t need a case for any accessories or anything. I can just throw the charger in my cable stable, and I’m all set.

Tomorrow, assuming the weather cooperates, I’m flying to NJ. Evan’s first birthday is Saturday. I leave Santa Barbara at around 6:30 tomorrow night, and get in Saturday morning at around 6:30. Then I leave Sunday night at 6 and get in around midnight. 18 hours of traveling, and I’ll be there a half hour short of 36 hours. Fun! It’s worth it, though, cause.. well, this.

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Monday, November 6, 2006

One reason I had never gone bust before playing poker is I was very good at bankroll management. Translation: I was a wuss, and played way below what my bankroll could sustain. I never really moved beyond 1/2 NL even when my bankroll could easily handle 3/6 NL or even 5/10 NL without a problem. Once in a while, I dabbled in 2/4 NL. Once I had a reasonable roll, I was basically never in danger of losing it.

Thanks to Bill Frist, I cashed out most of my online poker money. I hadn’t really been playing much anyway, and wasn’t really worried about not being able to get it, but it was a good excuse to do so anyway. I left in around $500. That’s only 2.5 buyins for my game, and one cold deck and two bad beats later, it’s gone. I know I haven’t really “busted” in the sense that I lost all my poker money, but it does feel strange to lose everything I had at the site. I don’t plan on putting any money back in, but my FTP affiliate money and ad money goes in there so it will slowly build up again. I’ll use that to rebuild. In fact, this morning it went from $0.03 to $45.73 $237.43! (money had been collecting in my affiliate account, not transferring to my player account!)

I’ll probably drop down now to $25 NL and build my way back up. Maybe it’s time for some peep tournies again. I am starting to feel like I want to play more, now, so that’s good. Or bad. I’m not sure.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
totally confused all the passing pihranas

I seem to start every other post with something along the lines of, “Wow, I haven’t posted in a while.” Yeah, I’m good at blogging.

If the Braves sweep a doubleheader from Philly, and the Mets beat the Marlins today, the Mets clinch the division. If not, it’ll happen in the next couple of days anyway. At least I hope it will, I want it to happen before I leave the country. I’m also rooting for the Dodgers to take the wild card, not win the NL West, so the Mets will play them in the first round (it could happen if the Dodgers win the division, wild card comes out of the East, and Cards finish with a better record than LA, too, but it’s easier if the Dodgers just get the wild card). If that does happen, home games one (and two, if necessary) at Dodger Stadium will be a Saturday and Sunday, and I will be there for sure. Assuming the Mets finish with the best record in the NL (which they will), it would mean I’d get to see them in LA.

Update: The Phillies beat Atlanta in the first game, so no clinch today. Oh well.

I’m going on vacation today, flying redeye to JFK tonight, and then Friday out of New York to Geneva, Switzerland. I’m going to a wedding there Saturday and Sunday with my parents, and then spending the next two weeks driving around with my father and our cameras. Hopefully, there will be a lot of nice stuff in the gallery shortly after I return. Even if I don’t, it will still be a great time and I’m sure my father will get some nice shots.

I’ve slowly been getting back into poker. Very slowly. Played a $9k guarantee at FTP last week, and went out a bit short of the money. Played some of the new cap NL games there, too. Not seriously, though. I played the .05/.10 with a $3 cap with Drizz, both of us at the table with over $1000. Due to the cap per hand, there’s no maximum buyin. The very first hand I got dealt the hammer and pushed “all-in” for $3. Called in two places, by some random hand and 66. A 7 on the turn and I stack two players. Fun game. I’ve also been playing the 1/2 HORSE at Stars, on Wil‘s suggestion, and it really is a goldmine. Lots of action, bad players, and of course bad beats. Very profitable. I guess it helps that the very first hand (o8) I got dealt JJxx on my posted blind, saw a final board of JT447, and was against TTxx and J4xx. $50 profit on the first hand, at 1/2. I also scooped a stud8 hand with just a pair of fives, no low, after betting my four low/four flush draw all the way to seventh street. I clicked check/fold on seventh, but it checked through. He had a pair of fours.

I have also been spending a lot (too much? nah) time playing Dead Rising. I finished 72 hour mode, and beat overtime without getting knocked out, so I’ve seen the true ending. Things left for me to do are a few achievements in 72 hour mode (saint, transmissionary, full set, psycho collector), and survive in Infinity mode for 7 days. I don’t know when I’ll get around to doing those things. I think it’s about time I move on to another game. Dead Rising is worth owning an Xbox 360 for, though.

I guess that’s it for now. In two hours, I leave for the airport.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Remember Poker?

I finally played some poker again last night. Not too much, just a couple of hours of $25 NL at FTP, with Scott, Joanne, Mark, and Ryan. I mostly played like a donkey. Finished up about a buyin thanks to my 63o flopping two pair against Scott’s AQ, after he raised preflop. Yeah, donkey.

It was fun, though I have to learn (again) to stop when I get bored instead of just giving all my money away. Given how long I played before that happened, I think tournaments might be out of the question for a little while.

In other almost-poker-related news, I spent my remaining PSO points on more Amazon gift certificates, and got myself a Nintendo DS Lite. I looked everywhere for a good case for it, but couldn’t find one actually made for it that I liked. Instead, I got a case made for a camera. I have some pictures in the gallery [1 2]. The Altoids gum case holds games, and in the front pocket is the charger. All the cases marketed for the DS were either much bigger to hold the same stuff, or much smaller and only held the DS and maybe two games. This case was $7.99 at Fry’s or Outpost, and works perfectly.

New Super Mario Bros. is awesome.

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Mets finished off a sweep of Atlanta today with a 10-6 win. Carlos Beltran (MVP!) had another two-homer game, including his third grand slam of the month. 13.5 games up over second place Philadelphia, who just traded Abreu and appear to be giving up for the season. As they should.

Everyone go congratulate Ryan for successfully surviving day one of the WSOP Main Event. He did more than just that, he finished the day with 40k in chips. My 0.5% of him is looking good so far.

Good luck to Zeem who starts his day one tomorrow.

Sorry for the complete lack of content here, I’ve been wasting all my time playing Guitar Hero, so I have nothing interesting to talk about.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Last weekend, I went to lovely Bakersfield and 108 degree heat… to go bowling. It was the California State Bowling Tournament. I didn’t do so well in the tournament, shooting 569 and 564 in the singles and doubles events, and then 514 in the team event the next day. The lanes were tougher than they have been at Zodo’s, but that’s no excuse. I should be able to adjust. I finally did figure out the shot the third game of the team event, and managed to break 200 that game, so you can get an idea how bad the first two were. I had a good time, despite the terrible bowling.

There was on bright spot, which was the Masters qualifier. It’s a scratch tournament, with qualifying chances every Saturday until the week before the event. At the time of this posting, I’m number 31 on the qualifying list. It’s going to be cutting it very close for actually qualifying. I’m pretty much dead money in the tournament anyway, but it would be fun.

Except I’d have to go back to Bakersfield.

X   X   9/X   81X   8-X   X   8/X
X   8/X   X   X   719/X   X   X8/
X   X   X   X   X   X   5-72X   X8-
9/X   X   X   X   819/9/X   8/X
X   X   X   X   X   X   9-X   4/X9/
9/X   X   X   X   X   72X   X   X9/
Series: 1328   Average: 221.3

Saturday night, after the Masters qualifier, I went to play some live poker. With the help of the free wireless internet connection in the hotel, we found Golden West Casino only a few miles away. It was a pretty nice room, and most importantly, well air conditioned. They had a bunch of limit games, and 1/2 ($100max) and 3/5 ($300max) NL games going. I got on both NL lists, and ended up getting a 1/2 seat first. The game was decent, if a little slow. Trying to loosen things up a little, I straddle the third or fourth time I’m UTG. A few people limp in, and I bump it to $14. I get one caller from the cutoff or button. I bet the Q33 flop, and push all-in on the 7 turn, and get called. I tell him he’s good if he’s got a 3, and turn over my straddled aces. He shows 8s, and I river an ace for good measure.

I left the game up around $75, after getting rivered by a 2 outer in a $220 or so pot and rebuying. Not a bad few hours of poker.

Since being back, I’ve bowled twice more, shooting 681 (over 3) Monday, and 842 (over 4) on my birthday Tuesday. I’m 27 (hammer!) for a whole year. In July, including the awful three series at the state tournament (but not the midnight drunken bowling at the Orleans in Vegas), I’m averaging 210.8 over 36 games. I’m pretty damn happy with that.

A bunch of us in IRC were talking about music we were listening to, and the result of the conversation was that I created a WPBT last.fm group. If you’re a poker blogger and use last.fm, go join! And dammit, brdweb there’s nothing wrong with Billy Joel. He’s awesome.

One last thing: In preparation for my trip to Europe later this year, I got a new toy for my camera. A ballhead tripod mount (BH-40 LR) and L-Plate (B20D-L) from Really Right Stuff. They kick ass. Pictures in the gallery.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006
Join the Poker Player’s Alliance!

Just got this e-mail.  Go join now!

Dear Eurobet Customer,

Please be advised that in the light of recent actions by US regulators, Eurobet has regretfully taken the decision to cease taking any business through its websites from U.S. residents with immediate effect. U.S. residents will no longer be able to transact with our websites and all accounts held by U.S. residents have now been closed.

We are contacting you because we believe that, based on the personal details you have provided us, you are a US resident and therefore affected by this decision.

Where we already have your payment details we will refund any outstanding balance using that method within 7 days from today. If we do not have the necessary details please contact us on +44 1483 773224 or via email at uscustomerservice@eurobet.com to confirm how you wish any existing balances on your account should be repaid including the appropriate financial details.

We commit to processing such refund with 7 days of receiving your payment instructions.

On behalf of the entire Eurobet team we apologise for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your previous custom.

Kind regards,

Emma Jordan
Head of Services

Doesn’t our government have terrorists to catch or phones to tap or something?

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006
More Bowling

Well, since bowling is now (temporarily) in the title of the blog, I might as well write about it some more. League bowling again last night:

X   9/X   7/9/X   9/9/X   X9-
X   X   X   X   X   X   9-X   X   XX9
X   72X   X   X   62X   9/X   9/X
Series: 662   Average: 220.7

Damn splits in the third game. Still, plenty happy with the series. Four games again tonight, and then 9 over the weekend in Bakersfield at the California State Bowling Championships.

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